Before we leap into our vision statement, let’s be clear about something – 99% of vision statements are nonsense, bereft of any real meaning. That’s the reason they all start with the revolting words “we exist to challenge the status quo”, when in truth they exist to conform to the status quo, make some money, and hope to avoid becoming obsolete before the founders hit retirement.

We want to be the exception.

But for that to be the case, we must first recognise a couple of things…

First and foremost, we must be absolutely exceptional at the things our clients pay us to do. After all, nobody makes the world a better place by running a rubbish business. We must possess an immaculate understanding of our core competencies and market position, and deliver on our promises 365 days a year.

And then, we must actually stand for something:

– Part of this is in how we build the team. We’ve long had a big emphasis on flexibility, with hybrid working and uncapped holiday. Our values are central to how we operate and shape everything we do from team meetings to the recruitment process. Most importantly, we place a massive emphasis on psychological safety, which is a fancy way of saying that we must all feel comfortable to take risks, be ourselves, and challenge one another. There is absolutely no room for politics, bullying or any of the other nonsense that gets in the way of brilliant people from doing brilliant things. We don’t care how talented you are, if you bring other people down then you’re gone.

– But we want to go further than that. We know that as a small agency we’ll struggle to change the world on our own. That’s why we’ve partnered with an organisation that is already doing exactly that – The Turing Trust. The Turing Trust is a charity run by the Turing family. They refurbish used IT kit, install a range of amazing educational software and provide it to those who need it most, principally in rural African communities. Their vision is that one day every child will be able to enjoy the transformative power of technology. By lending our marketing expertise to their vision, we know we really can make a difference. This is why, from early 2020, we committed to channeling a minimum of 10% of our time and resources every month towards the Turing Trust.

So this is our vision – to be an excellent agency, doing awesome work for brilliant clients in a happy and supportive environment, whilst channeling at least 10% of our time every month towards helping the Turing Trust change the world.

If we can do that, we’ll know that investing our blood, sweat and tears in building this little agency was all worthwhile.

P.S. If you’re a smart, hard working and all round lovely human being looking for their next career opportunity in marketing, and think that Boss sounds like the kind of place you might feel at home, please do get in touch.

Digital marketing results


We understand that clients aren’t paying for our exceptional design, content or promotion. They’re paying for results. We measure the value of everything we do, where possible, in pounds and pence.


We understand that communication is the solution to all problems. We never hide behind our computers or avoid difficult conversation, and always favour the telephone over email.



True ownership means taking responsibility for not only those things directly inside our control, but everything that surrounds it. No matter what the circumstances, we never pass the buck nor make excuses, we just find a way to get the job done.


We don’t believe that leadership has anything to do with job title or experience. It is a state of mind and one that anyone can hold. We expect every member of the team to initiate new ideas and take responsibility for the outcomes.

Personal development in marketing


The digital world never stops moving, so we must each find time every day to stay on top of the latest developments whilst also building a deep understanding for traditional marketing.

Kindness & humility


As seriously as we take our work, there is absolutely no point in turning up each day if we don’t feel comfortable in our surroundings. We work hard to create a culture of psychological safety, and always treat one another with respect and kindness. If we do ever take our bad day out on someone else, we own it and apologise. In short, dickheads need not apply.