13 Great Resources for E-mail Marketers

A recent study found that 75.8% of marketers said that they were using more e-mail than they were 3 years ago with investment in email marketing set to grow by over 1/3 between now and 2014. Contrary to the declarations we have heard from some in recent years these figures seem to tell us that e-mail marketing is most certainly NOT dead . With this is mind, it is perhaps time to get your pulse on the finger of all things e-mail in 2013. Here are 13 great places to turn to for lots of insight and advice.

1. This Guide from Hubspot called ‘Optimizing Email Marketing for Conversions’ is all about how to grow your e-mail list, increase engagement and ensure deliverability. It is aimed at those who are at an intermediate level with e-mail marketing.

2. Pure360 are an e-mail platform who also provide strategy reviews. They have a great resources section and blog which is regularly updated with interesting insights, tips and case studies. Loads of ideas here for people at all levels of email marketing knowhow.

3. Copyblogger realised that everyone wants to know how to write e-mails that sell and so they put together this post about it. According to them the big key is ‘infotainment’, content that is fun to consume!

4. I imagine that at some point or other we have all sent out an e-shot with a typo or a missing link. This will never be an issue again with this handy checklist which will ensure everything is present and correct with your message, right down to the tracking.

Email Marketing Checklist

5. The e-mail marketing section over at Marketing Land is most definitely worth keeping up with. Recent posts include an introduction to A/B testing and tips on how to use data centred storytelling to engage your audience.

6. Mailchimp have put together a ‘field guide’ which covers the basics of how html email works and how to design and code the emails yourself! Basic HTML knowledge is helpful here.

7. This e-mail marketing guide from iContact is beginner friendly and starts off by looking at how to set goals for your campaigns, test content and segment lists. It is broken down into manageable chunks and gets straight to the point.

8. According to these interesting charts from Mail Chimp it looks as if approximately 3pm on a Thursday is one of the best times to send out your mail shot. Check them out for more stats.

9. In a rather serious and very substantial report from Imformz on e-mail marketing benchmarks, it was found that 49% of mail shots were read by recipients. You will definitely find some interesting statistics, like the one above, in these 27 pages!

10. In a world that is become more and more mobile it is useful to know how your mail shots will display on a smartphone. This infographic breaks it down by device which is super helpful!


11. The aweber blog is very popular, well written and regularly commented on. Worth a follow!

12. As above, the Deliverability blog is worth keeping tabs on. The content tends to be a little more out of the box here when compared with the (very rock solid) tips and advice posts form aweber.

13. We will finish with this infographic called the 2013 guide to email marketing from marketing super power hub spot.

Email Marketing Design

Happy Emailing!


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