2023 Marketing Trends In Focus: Five To Watch Out For

Trends come. Trends go. But one thing is for certain: every year the world of marketing undergoes something of a revolution. Whether it’s the new old or something entirely different this year isn’t the exception. So here’s a breakdown of 2023 best marketing trends.

#1 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay

Your website is a resource you own. It’s a rare opportunity to converse with customers one-on-one and without competing side-by-side with the digital noise generated by your rivals, influencers and celebrities.

So it should come as no surprise that SEO is one of the top 2023 marketing trends. But with a twist. Because businesses are changing their optimisation strategies to meet the challenges of a new digital landscape.

Crucially SEO:

  • now sits in third position, just behind video and influencer marketing
  • Now benefits from greater levels of investment from committed marketers
  • is as much about generating insight as it is answering user questions


#2 Expect businesses to focus more on social responsibility

Once upon a time social responsibility amounted to little more than box ticking. Publishing a post about the importance of being green – even if the business in question was anything but environmentally conscious – was perfectly permissible.

Today’s consumers – most especially Gen-Z and millennials – expect businesses to take stronger stances on issues like politics, LBTQ, race and climate issues. And to such a degree it will even influence their purchasing behaviour.

Businesses that ignore what is arguably the most important of all 2023 marketing trends will pay the price in more ways than one.

Those that live their social values  – and are transparent about it – will build strong long-term relationships with their customers.

audience learning about 2023 marketing trends

#3 Experiential marketing could be making a comeback

Before the pandemic hit the global economy hard business and organisations worldwide were experimenting with experiential marketing: a strategy that involved using physical locations or using a Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) platform.

Social distancing scuppered such fun and immersive experiences, seemingly for good. But now they’re back with a vengeance. So why the sudden switch? How has experiential marketing become one of 2023’s marketing trends?

  • AR and VR have come a long way in recent years.
  • Audiences now understand how these technologies work
  • Immersive platforms are more accessible and common

experiental learning in action as woman rides a bike

#4 Infographics continue to grow in popularity

Why spend hours writing a detailed blog post when you can use an attention-grabbing infographic to communicate your story instead. It’s no wonder marketers and business owners alike love this simple but effective form of content.

Like SEO, infographics aren’t new. But they’re a great way to engage time-poor users in need of fast answers – providing them with all the data they need to make well informed decisions.

2023 marketing strategy meeting in a boardroom

#5 Chatbots will help businesses respond faster

In this breakneck digital world customers expect responses almost in real time. This isn’t feasible for the vast majority of UK businesses – most especially SMEs and sole traders.

Chatbots solve this problem by providing a 24/7 customer service function – providing automated responses to questions and even learning from the experience to become more efficient over time.

2023 marketing trends got you in a cold sweat?

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