It’s All About You: 3 Tips To Help Boost Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the home of professional networking. A hotspot for all things business and the godfather of B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is a platform UK professionals cannot afford to miss. Whether you are keen to expand your network and drive leads, or you’re simply looking to stay connected and keep up with all the latest trends and news within the world of business, LinkedIn will allow you to do all of this and more. 

Whilst having a page for your business is important, building your personal brand is vital, too. People want to do business with people; people they can trust and rely on. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to connect with your audience on a personal level; show them the face behind the brand. If you focus on building relationships based on common interests and post authentic content, you’ll notice your audience is engaged, loyal and will call on you when a need arises. It’s all about building genuine connections with relevant people. 

Like with everything in life, if you want to get the most out of your LinkedIn experience, you need to know what you’re doing. And one person who certainly knows a thing or two about building a loyal following on LinkedIn is UK LinkedIn trainer Lea Turner. Lea has built a six-figure business with the help of LinkedIn and is now keen to help others to harness the power of the platform and turn likes into leads. 

In a recent interview for the Boss To Boss podcast, Lea shared her top tips for building a personal brand on LinkedIn, gaining a loyal following and turning posts into profits. You can listen to Lea’s full interview for free here, but in the meantime, here are three of her secrets for boosting your personal brand on LinkedIn. 

building personal brand on linkedin infographic for UK professionals

#1 It’s all about you

If you are serious about succeeding with LinkedIn, change needs to start from within. Every powerful strategy needs a strong foundation to survive, and in this case, that’s your LinkedIn profile. There’s no point investing loads of time on content and engagement if you don’t have a compelling profile to support your strategy. Think of it like this: your content is what will capture the attention of users and your profile is what will encourage them to stick around. 

Think of it as your very own 60 Minute Makeover. You’ll want to go in with a full profile revamp, from colours to imagery: it’s all about building a strong visual identity that will get you noticed and remembered. 

Equally, it pays to show your face once in a while. Let your followers get to know you and make yourself recognisable. Text posts are great, but sometimes they could do with a photo or video to accompany them to really drive your point home. Showing up consistently and being a very visible force on LinkedIn will enhance your chances of success. 

#2 Engage and you shall receive

One-sided relationships never work. If you are keen to up your engagement and grow your following, you need to engage outwardly. The more you do, the more you will show up in other people’s feeds. LinkedIn is very reciprocal. That’s just how the algorithm works. You need to support other people’s content if you want yours to be visible. 

It can be anything as simple as congratulating someone on securing a new role or engaging with quality content. Just ensure you invest time into supporting other people’s content alongside creating your own. 

#3 Real people get real leads

There’s a common misconception that to succeed on LinkedIn you have to adopt a stiff upper lip approach – no personality, no messing around, just cold hard facts and drab debates. Thankfully, the opposite is true. LinkedIn is a busy platform, so if you want to stand out, you need to inject a bit of personality into your posts and dare to be different. 

The majority of LinkedIn users are seeking two things: knowledge and entertainment. So providing you are sharing content that is helpful and relevant to your target audience and adding your own spin on things, you won’t go too far wrong. In essence, don’t be boring. 

And the benefits are two-fold. Not only will being yourself help you to stand out, but it will help you to build more genuine relationships too. People will buy into you, not just the product or service you’re offering. And guess what: it will allow you to generate a far more loyal customer base. Win-win. 

If you are keen to level up your LinkedIn page and succeed with social media, get in touch today to organise your free consultation with one of our marketing experts. In the meantime, be sure to check out our case studies page to discover how we have helped other ambitious UK professionals to make their goals a reality.


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