4 reasons why PPC Marketing for Law firms is underrated

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is an extremely powerful tool for law firms. However, it is one that is seldom used. It is viewed as expensive and time-consuming to manage, in an industry where time literally is money. Moreover, the specialist knowledge required for a PPC campaign is rarely in the toolbox of lawyers and solicitors. On the other hand, PPC Marketing for Law firms is very valuable for legal brands looking to grow in the short term. For these reasons, outsourcing the service is extremely sensible.

The Situation for Law Firms in 2021

The impact of Brexit, Coronavirus and sweeping legislative changes means some mid-market law firms are changing tact. They are looking to consolidate their position rather than expanding their presence. The need for self-preservation is understandable in the short term. But, it can be extremely damaging if this mentality is adopted in the medium to long term. It stunts growth and can demotivate employees.

A lot of this negative attitude comes from a lack of leads. Law firms face greater competition from wider conglomerates offering similar or identical services. Although they might lack specialist expertise, they come at a fraction of the cost. For this reason, looking for new clients and opportunities is the most sustainable way to kick-start your law firm generating revenue, profit and having the capacity to expand again. What’s more, if law firms are looking to quickly jumpstart their lead pipeline again, PPC marketing can be a great option. Here are some reasons why effective PPC Marketing for Law firms should be encouraged more:

Instant Market Access

A really strong PPC campaign can help small and middle-market law firms compete amongst the best and brightest names. By optimising for the right keywords and knowing exactly what your audience will want, you put yourself and your law firm in the best position to attract clients. More important than that, you also place yourself ahead of your competitors. This means that even fledgling law firms can have a chance to access more exclusive markets. If you are smart about what you focus on and how you hone that focus, you can even quickly establish a niche for your brand. The instant access to market that PPC brings law firms is not possible through any other spectrum of marketing, so it’s critical to take advantage of it properly.

Amplified Brand Awareness

Although it’s not a direct money-making aspect, there is nothing more valuable for a law firm than being top of the search engine rankings. For competitive specialist legal terms, it’s unlikely there is going to be a lot of ‘shopping around’. People will know the costs involved and be prepared to pay a premium for quality service. Consequently, getting your name out there puts yourself front and centre when they do need legal services. What’s more, this association will be a long term benefit so it’s possible you’ll still get future business, even if they don’t instantly choose to convert.

Opportunities for New Services

The beauty of PPC marketing for law firms is they can help you differentiate which way the market is going. You can spot trends in the keywords and phrases people are searching for when your adverts show. This means that you can start to quickly ascertain what you need to be prioritising. This might include opportunities for new services too. As legal services are often specialised too, you might find out that you need to look at a new hire, or retraining an existing member of staff, so they can meet this new demand.

Increased Revenue and Profits

The bottom line is law firms need to make money.  With a stunted market, it’s more imperative than ever to be putting your services out there. PPC campaigns work on a law of increasing returns. The more time and resources you invest into your adverts, the better they are. Better campaigns will attract more users to your website. They’ll spend longer on your site, increasing your quality score. This will reduce the costs you pay for clicks to the site. Furthermore, attracting users with the right level of interest to your site will give you a better chance of converting them into business. And all of this cycles back to the beginning, as better conversion rates lead to a higher quality score… This means cheaper adverts for your law firm!

PPC Marketing for Law Firms: Final Thoughts

In an increasingly competitive environment, effective PPC marketing is emerging as a premier tool for law firms of all sizes. Although SEO and brand activity stimulates long term growth, PPC marketing for law firms is essential for short-term lead generation. In the current market, this is the a primary focus for all law firms.

Boss Digital are experienced at working with law firms of all sizes to help them manage their PPC campaigns to increase enquiries and maximise their business revenue. Get in touch today to find out more.

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