Read(y) For Big Returns: 5 Accounting Blogs That Are Worthy Of Investment 

Blogs are a great way to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and news and allow you to build new skills and knowledge around key subjects. There are thousands of accounting blogs available, each offering different perspectives and new insights which make learning something new simpler than ever before. 

As we’ve already mentioned, there are thousands of blogs for accountants, so deciding which are best to invest our time in can be challenging. And whilst different people will find different ones more valuable, there are some which are recognised industry-wide, so they make a great starting point. On that note, here are 5 accounting blogs that are certainly worth investing in.

Accounting Today

One of the most well-known accounting blogs is Accounting Today. They offer tonnes of free resources designed to help professionals stay on top of trends and changes and optimise their performance. 

With around 30 new blogs posted each week, one thing is for sure: you’ll never be short of reading material. And whether you work with individuals, small businesses or SMBs, there will certainly be something for you. 


Created to help tax and accounting professionals improve their offerings, AccountingWEB provides helpful insights and trend highlights from a range of thought leaders and community members. Publishing around 12 posts each week, if you are looking for fresh takes on the latest trends, be sure to check out the AccountingWEB blog. 

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Journal Of Accountancy (JofA)

The Journal Of Accountancy provides daily updates to CPA professionals offering the latest news, regulatory updates and trend insights. Powered by AICPA, JofA shares a range of articles on topics including technology, tax and financial reporting, along with features from industry experts and thought leaders

Accounting Coach

Whether you are just starting out or you are a professional with years of experience, the Accounting Coach blog will have something for you. Designed for accountants of all levels, this blog offers varying takes on a range of topics, including bookkeeping, financial accounting, and managerial accounting and provides question and answer sessions along with more in-depth explanations for junior accountants that require that extra helping hand. 

The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion takes a different approach to their posts, focusing on trends in financial reporting, analysis and auditing, “peeling away issues one layer at a time”. The idea behind the blog is to educate those who may otherwise struggle to understand these complex subjects by peeling back the jargon and unnecessary complexities to reveal the message at the core. 

The blog is written by Tom Selling, accounting consultant and recognised industry leader. Tom uses his experience to inject a new lease of life into these otherwise dull topics.

In the words of Steve Jobs, “There’s always one more thing to learn”, so keep proactive and spend some time each week to read a couple of articles – it’s an investment you can expect to see some great returns from. And if the above isn’t enough to keep you occupied, why not try something a bit meatier? Our ultimate guide to marketing for accounting firms is available for free – check it out here

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