Pod’s Law: 5 Reasons You Need A Legal Podcast (& How To Get Started)

In recent years, podcasts have taken the world by storm. And not without good reason. As the graph below shows, the number of monthly podcast listeners in the UK has almost doubled in the last 4 years – and this growth is showing no signs of slowing.

legal podcast growth uk

Why your firm needs a legal podcast

It’s all well and good being told that your law firm should start a podcast, but how can you be sure it’s worth the investment? Yes, there is an enormous number of monthly listeners, but will that really benefit your law firm? In short, yes. The podcasting world is huge and full of opportunities for both individuals and businesses to exploit, no matter what sector you are in.

Some of the most notable benefits of podcasting for law firms include:

  • Build authority for your law firm
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Boost ROI
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase reach and awareness

Keen to learn more about the benefits of podcasting for your law firm? We’ve created a blog post that explores all of the above in more detail which you can check out here.

Tips for getting started with podcasting for law firms

Getting started with podcasting for law firms is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, so simple that you likely have everything you need to get started already. You can explore all of our tips for getting started with podcasting here, but in the meantime, check out a couple of our favourites below.

Find your niche

Before you get started with podcasting for your law firm, you need to choose your niche. Perhaps you want to become an industry leader within family law, or maybe you want to focus on environmental law. Then, once you’ve chosen your niche, you may want to narrow it down even further by thinking about specific industries or locations (to name just a few) you want to target. 

Be consistent 

If you are looking to build a loyal listener base, you need to be consistent. Humans are creatures of habit; we like to follow a routine and certainly aren’t too fond of surprises. So, start by setting a schedule, then communicate this clearly to your listeners. 

To ensure you can stick to your schedule, it’s wise to pre-record a couple of episodes before launching your podcast – this means you will be prepared if any unexpected events occur. Equally, it’s also a good idea to reach out to interviewees in advance and record interviews with plenty of time ahead of the launch date. This will allow you sufficient time to make any necessary edits and create the accompanying assets. 

Partner up 

Featuring guests on your law firm’s podcast is a great way to tap into new audiences, extend your reach, build credibility and explore new perspectives on key topics. Your guests should be industry leaders, people with a lot of authority within your niche. A great place to look for inspiration is on platforms like LinkedIn or even by checking out who is featuring on your competitor’s podcasts. But to get you headed in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of some of the top influencers to look out for within the legal industry which you can read here

Legal podcasts to check out

Looking for inspiration? Here are 3 legal podcasts worth checking out. 

Law in Action

The Law in Action podcast is hosted by Joshua Rozenberg, one of the UK’s most well-known legal commentators. The podcast series takes a jargon-free approach to matters relating to law and regularly features leading legal figures along with people who have been impacted by the law.

The Hearing

The Hearing is a legal podcast created by Thomson Reuters which aims to uncover insights, monitor key trends and explore some of the most exciting stories within the industry. The series features “interesting people who just happen to have a connection with the law” and focuses on key issues within the legal industry that may impact their listeners.

Law Pod UK

Law Pod UK is an example of a series that targets a niche within the legal market. The show covers “developments across all aspects of civil and public law in the United Kingdom.” And is hosted by Rosalind English and Emma-Louise Fenelon from 1 Crown Office Row.

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