Always Right: 5 Tips To Help Your Business Boss The B2B Customer Experience

For some, the term ‘B2B’ is unhelpful as it places too much emphasis on corporations and not enough on customers. The truth is, no matter the industry, the customer should always be your number one priority; without them, your business simply would not exist. For this reason, you need to show just how much you value them – both as a customer and a person – if not, there are plenty of your competitors that will. 

Offering a 5-star customer experience won’t just boost your profits in relation to client attraction and retention; research from PWC has found that, on average, B2B customers will pay up to 16% more for a better customer experience – proving it really does pay to be kind! So, how do you create a killer B2B customer experience? 

  1. Get personal

  2. To deliver an unbeatable customer experience, you need to understand exactly what it is your customers want – sounds pretty obvious, right? Surprisingly not: almost 60% of B2B buyers say they avoid interacting with salespeople where possible as they feel they focus too heavily on pushing their own agenda rather than helping to solve the customer’s problem.

    So, what’s the solution? First thing’s first, if you want to build more meaningful relationships with your customers and deliver a service that they will truly value, you need to get personal. Take the time to understand each client’s wants, needs and preferences and focus on making their experience as personal and reassuring as possible. Remember: B2B buyers are often under a lot of pressure, so you need to ensure you help to relieve any anxieties they may have and focus on providing a solution tailored to their specific needs. By avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach, you will not only be providing more effective solutions for your customers, but you will also be showing that you value them a lot simply by investing a little extra time. And in this scenario, a little can go a long way! 

  3. Embrace technology 

  4. Whilst many have a dislike for technology fuelled by the fear it may one day steal our jobs and lives, for the most part, technological advancements have occurred to make our lives easier, not take them over. Things like AI and automation will not only help to create a more seamless experience for your customers, they will also save you a lot of time and resources. This means you can invest more in refining your offerings and building stronger customer relationships.

  5. Give as much as you take

  6. For a relationship to work, it needs to be two-sided. If all you do is take, your customers are unlikely to have a pleasant experience (and are even less likely to remain your customers). Of course, there’s the argument that you are returning value by offering your services, but every business does this. The real value comes from going above and beyond. 

    To truly differentiate your firm and make a positive, lasting impression on your customers, you need to be offering more than your competitors. Think of innovative ways to provide additional value to your clients – whether it’s through explainers videos and podcasts or ultimate guides and infographics – and you will almost certainly see positive results. Not convinced? Research from Salesforce has shown that B2B buyers are up to 5 times more likely to engage with businesses that offer additional insight: so if you fail to offer value to your clients, don’t be surprised if they start to look elsewhere. 

  7. Listen to feedback

  8. Every B2B business is different, meaning what works for one client might be completely disastrous for another – it all links back to offering that personalised experience. And the best way to understand this experience is, of course, to ask for insights from your clients themselves. 

    Customer feedback is an invaluable tool for B2B businesses looking to refine their customer experience, providing an opportunity to evaluate your performance from the perspective of those that matter. This information will allow you to adapt and evolve your experience to better match the needs of your customers, with the option to leverage their insights to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for each client. Not only this, but in the words of Bill Gates: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. This means by identifying what isn’t working, you can uncover why things have gone wrong and take steps to find a solution to any issues or take note of things to avoid moving forward. 

  9. Be more customer-centric

Lastly (and arguably most obviously), to deliver the best possible experience for your customers, you need to ensure they are always at the very centre of everything you do. Far too often, B2B businesses will focus on prioritising their own wants and needs and figure out a way to include their clients within this, which naturally leads to distrust, frustration and a very poor customer experience. Instead, you should focus on meeting the needs of your customers and use your offering as a means to help solve their problems. 

You need to ensure every interaction your clients have with your business is centred around them, with the goal to make them feel as valued as possible. Every engagement (no matter how small) will have an impact on your customers’ perceptions of your brand and their overall experience, so it’s fundamental their needs are always prioritised by everyone in your business. This means each interaction must be thought through – whether it’s a phone call or email – with all members of your team understanding the importance of putting your customers first. 

In the words of Vince Lombardi: “It takes months to find a customer but just seconds to lose one”. So, don’t let your hard work go to waste; focus on making your customer experience so positive that searching for a new provider won’t even cross their mind.