5 ways law firms can use TikTok marketing

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then it’s time for your law firm to embrace the benefits of TikTok marketing – which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t just a platform for kids and teenagers.

Not convinced? Maybe the following quote will change your mind…

“Seventy or eighty percent of the people on TikTok are not on other social media platforms. So if you’re not on TikTok you are missing out on millions and millions of people you’re just assuming a dancing 18-year-old – and actually are probably decision-makers in their business or decision-makers in their households right?”

Amelia Sordell, Klowt

In this guide, we’ll show you how to win more business by:

  • Being authentic
  • Posting frequently
  • Following trends
  • Using hashtags
  • Engaging 

Think you understand TikTok marketing? Think again and follow these steps to increase engagement and ROI instead.

Five TikTok marketing tips your law firm can use immediately

#1 Be authentic

Remain true to your values and you’ll reap better rewards in the long term. This means not just figuring out what your brand stands out for – but what makes it unique.


  • What problems do you solve and how?
  • What tips and tricks could you share?
  • What’s the story behind your brand?
  • What services do you offer?

Master these questions and you could squeeze your way to the top of your audience’s feed.

TikTok Marketing example – Breyer Law

Are you looking for TikTok video ideas to leverage your content? Then here’s a masterclass in brand authenticity from Breyer Law. This 18-second clip gives deep insight into the firm’s culture – which is anything but drab.


By humanising Breyer, this video tells you more about the firm than you could ever learn in a 15-minute corporate firm. This is a husband and wife team that knows all the right moves – whether in a courtroom or on a dance floor.

##2 How often should you post on TikTok?

It makes sense to post often – especially as you’re growing. That way you can establish a brand presence and help your audience understand what you do. 

The first week is crucial because it helps TikTok’s algorithm understand your account exists – giving your channel the initial boost it needs to get noticed.

“Most marketers recommend posting on TikTok 1-3 times a day – but this rule isn’t set in stone and will depend on the nature of your business and how much time you can devote to video content.”

As well as how often to post:

  • Try not to overwhelm prospects with too much content – or they’ll unfollow
  • Always create content that’s intentional – random posts won’t resonate
  • 15.00 -19.00 and just before midnight are the best times to post

#3 Trends are your friend – so participate in them often

TikTok marketing only works when built on a foundation of participation – which means connecting with other users. Partaking in TikTok trends is a great way to connect with others and please the platform’s algorithm, significantly increasing your chances of success.

TikTok marketing example – @thatcriminallawyer

Legal and TikTok marketing expert, Zhai, often goes viral by giving free advice. His jargon-free videos (this one is just 14-seconds long) are filmed using a simple Q&A format with Zhai assuming the role of both client and lawyer.


This video succeeds because it:

  • uses the trending Q&A format to explain a complex topic
  • Favours plain everyday language over heavy legal jargon
  • Is short and to the point – meaning viewers won’t get bored

Jumping on the TikTok trend wagon is important – but so is using the right language, format, and length of the video.

#4 Do hashtags work on TikTok too?

Hashtags work on TikTok – just as they do on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. The key difference? TikTok is a newer platform which means there’s less competition.

Nail your hashtags and there’s a strong chance you’ll leapfrog competitors and increase the visibility of your brand.

When creating your TikTok hashtag strategy ask yourself:

  • Who am I targeting? A popular hashtag will broaden your reach but won’t target a specific demographic.
  • What’s trending? If you can tie in your video with a popular hashtag you’ll get better coverage.
  • What’s the intended action? Perhaps you want users to sign up, buy, or share your content.

Is there a one-size-fits-all strategy? No, your choices will instead depend on (1) your goals; (2) the type of content; and (3) what’s trending at the time. 

TikTok marketing example

Here’s an example of an effective TikTok hashtag strategy. It works because it combines ‘solicitor’ with terms like ‘divorce’ and ‘family law.’ 

do lawyers use TikTok?

Therefore this post will reach:

  • People looking for divorce or family lawyers
  • People looking for solicitors in general

In short, the hashtags are broad and specific – meaning they’ll appeal to multiple audiences.

#5 What’s your TikTok engagement strategy?

Far too many creators walk away early – thinking their job is done. In so doing, they forget TikTok is an engagement platform. And so it should come as no surprise that the algorithm rewards those who comment.

How long should you spend commenting on TikTok? 30-minutes is plenty. But, if that’s too much, ask someone else to respond for you.

TikTok marketing example – @blackbeltsecrets

The screenshot below shows how a little engagement can go a long way. The video has clocked up an impressive 3270 views – but only has 41 comments (the poster, incidentally, had responded to only a small handful of questions).

TikTok video ideas for law firms


There’s no better time for law firms to bite the bullet by creating and rolling out a TikTok marketing strategy. In so doing your practice will be tapping into an audience not necessarily on other popular social platforms.

Crucially, because TikTok is still growing, there’s time to establish your identity without being drowned out by the digital noise created by competitors.

Is creating a TikTok marketing strategy easy? No, because there’s so much to think about.

  • First, you have to create your content
  • Next, you have to test it on the platform
  • Finally, you have to analyse the metrics

Overall, the process is lengthy, continuous, and requires considerable resources and expertise. Wouldn’t you rather hand the hard work to legal marketing experts instead?

TikTok marketing strategies for law firms

We’ll create exceptional video content designed to help you stand out in an often unexceptional marketplace. Book your free consultation today.

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