5 ways law firms can use TikTok trends to engage with customers

You’ve arrived on this page because (1) you’ve set up a TikTok account and are looking for guidance (2) or you’re unconvinced and looking for social proof the platform works. Either way, you’re in the right place because, in this blog, we’ll be talking about how law firms can attract and convert more customers using TikTok trends.

TikTok trends are a great way to create entertaining videos, get more views, and please the platform’s algorithm – which rewards content that includes certain effects, sounds, or hashtags.

TikTok isn’t like other social media platforms because:

    • It uses a highly specific algorithm to curate your feed – meaning you’ll only see the types of videos you want
    • TikTok takes a while to learn, meaning people use its For You page to find popular content


What is a TikTok trend,

A TikTok trend can stem from one of several features on the app. It could be a sound, dance routine, hashtag or an effect used to transition from one section of a video to another.

Of course, trends fizzle out faster than a fizzy firework on a rainy November day. And so you’ll need to keep up to speed with what’s hot and what’s not to remain in your customers’ sightlines.

Five ways to find TikTok trends 

‘Just identify trends’ makes the process sound easy. But if you’re new to the platform you won’t know where to start. With that in mind here are three simple ways to find trends you can deploy to great effect.

#1 How to use the For You page

What is TikTok’s For You page? It’s a curated feed that shows what’s trending based on personal interests. This feature will only work if you’ve conducted an in-depth market analysis.

best viral tiktok videos

Using your customer research:

  • Curate the For You page on your TikTok account to mirror the content your customers are looking for
  • Note down the recurring trends – for example, songs, words, captions, or particular effect

Does this mean you should copy TikTok trends regardless? No – not if it means going off-brand. It’s important to remain true to your values if you’re to establish credibility and avoid coming across as fake. 

#2 Finding the most viral TikTok? 

Finding viral video content couldn’t be easier. Using the search bar above your feed combine viral’ with whatever you’re looking for.

For example:

  1. Viral sounds
  2. Viral videos
  3. Viral effects

Need to be more specific? The screenshot below shows viral law videos. 

titok trends 2022The TikTok search tool is a fast and easy way:

  • To get insight into trends your audience is using
  • Creative inspiration for future TikTok law videos

#3 How to find TikTok Trends on YouTube

At first glance, using a rival platform to identify trends might sound counterintuitive. And yet YouTube is a veritable treasure trove which your law firm can use to locate trending topics.

Not convinced? Here’s a screenshot of a feed created in response to a search for ‘TikTok law trends.’

Again, scrolling through this feed will give you a feel as to which TikTok trends are gaining traction – so you can see how rival brands are presenting themselves to your target audience.

Important: always remember to check when a video was posted – because viral content has a short lifespan. Using date modifiers in your searches – like July 2022 TikTok trends – will help.

#4 TikTok trending: how to use the #trendalert hashtag

Search for #trendalert to discover videos posted by TikTok fanatics who make it their mission to help users identify what’s popular.

This doesn’t mean you should copy. But if you can weave in a trend without going off-brand, give yourself an advantage.

Here’s a generic example…

youtube versus tiktok

Will this help you understand trending topics in your specific sector? No – the curated feed is very high level.

But it does tell you about:

  • Popular transition styles and how to use them
  • Broader business trends you could appropriate
  • The importance of using trends in your videos

However, you may want to use more specific TikTok trends hashtags to identify niche approaches in your sector.

Why not try…

  • #lawyertrends
  • #legaltrends
  • #lawtrends

…and find inspiration that way.

#5 Buck the trend to fit your niche

One of the best ways to research a trend is to bring it to life. This means using your hard-earned research to create something your audience will want to consume.

Remember, copying a trend is bad practice because (a) your prospects will be jaded (they know the format already) and (b) you need to mould a trend to fit your brand.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I adapt this trend to reflect our law firm’s values?
  • How can I ensure my video content is suitably different?

Perseverance is key. If your content isn’t working look at the metrics, revisit your market research, and use the tools mentioned in this blog to revisit TikTok trends and identify the problem.


Keeping up to speed with TikTok trends isn’t the hard part. The challenge lies in adapting viral videos to suit your brand – rather than appropriating a gimmick or feature because it’s in vogue.

Does your law firm have the time to research TikTok trends and respond to comments? Do your teams have the technical expertise needed to edit video content and analyse TikTok metrics?

Probably not. That’s why you should get in touch with us instead…

We’ll create TikTok content for your law firm that resonates

Using our expertise we’ll create content your customers want to see – improving brand visibility, boosting engagement and increasing ROI. Contact us to take the first step.

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