6 reasons you need to include interviews as part of your content strategy


As an agency we conduct a lot of interviews, both for ourselves and for clients,with people of authority within the target sector. There is a reason for this. Well actually there are about 5.

– Firstly, It’s the best insight you will ever capture – these people are the leaders in their field.
– Secondly. the content tends to be evergreen which means that you can reuse it every few months, over and over again.
– Thirdly, if the interview is conducted on video then you can actually chop it up from one long interview, into each of the individual questions, which is how most people like to digest this kind of content anyway, which means that your one video could become five or six, so it’s incredibly efficient.
– Then there’s the fact that these people will drive most of the promotion on your behalf. After all, the point is they are high profile and have large audiences.
– Number five, you will build great relationships. Anyone that has read how to make friends and influence people will know that there is no better way of building rapport than asking questions. And these are people you really want relationships with.
– Finally, it’s easier than you think. As long as you’re polite and sincere then most people, no matter how busy, will be more than happy to give you twenty minutes of their time.

So if you’re struggling to cut through the noise with your content, then I’d highly recommend considering some kind of influencer interview strategy.

Examples of this model that we have launched include:
The Transformation Network
The Cyber Leaders’Network

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