7 Benefits Of Youtube For Law Firms (With Examples)

Youtube is one of the largest social platforms going, and alongside that, it’s also the 2nd largest search engine. It absolutely dominates the video content market, and thus if you’re looking to use video marketing as a priority channel, you absolutely need to leverage Youtube to your advantage as a law firm.

Youtube can be a hugely powerful tool among law firms, with several existing brands pursuing strategies in PR, business development, and recruitment. Generally video is perceived as more engaging than copy content, and more interactive and entertaining than photos and infographics, which largely demonstrates why it’s the fastest growing form of content in 2022.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Youtube for law firms, and how they can be integrated into your video marketing strategy. 

Youtube For Law Firms

1. Humanise Your Brand

Video is a great way to express personality. Ultimately consumers of goods and services want to buy, sell, and interact with people. Buying decisions are decided by emotion, and that’s a rule that applies within both B2B and B2C environments. Youtube as a platform gives you the opportunity to highlight your personality and values in a more engaging and personalised content format.

A Face To The Business

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner are a firm who very effectively humanise their brand. Not only do they share educational content, but they also celebrate individuality. They have well put together videos that showcase their employees hobbies, interests, job and career aspirations, and personal anecdotes. 

2. Integration Of Multiple Channels

While Youtube videos are visible and searchable on the platform itself, they’re multi-purpose in that they can be embedded in so many other channels. They’re incredibly shareable on social media, which is of course a huge driver of traffic to your website. Video can also be integrated onto pages of your site to dramatically help with your engagement and SEO, or in an email newsletter to help your click through and conversion rates. Finally, video provides a standalone SEO role on both Youtube and Google.

3. Educating Your Audience

Education is a critical part of a buyer’s journey. Clients need to know about you first and foremost, but after that they need to know that you have the knowledge to help them. Video content is among the most engaging, and thus is a great tool to showcase your knowledge and experience. 

DLA Piper uses Youtube incredibly effectively as an educational tool. Their content is engaging, enriching and varied. Some is in webinar format, some in interview format, and some is to push their thought leadership expertise and PR outreach. 

4. Longevity Of Content

Similar to SEO, Youtube videos don’t get ‘old’. The Youtube algorithm continues to recommend videos years after they’ve been published given the correct search queries. While organic traffic on Youtube is generally pretty limited in the legal sector, whatever traffic you do get it is likely to be incredibly focused. Having a channel that runs in the background with minimal maintenance is incredibly useful for your lead generation.

Content Longevity

5. Personal Brand Growth

Youtube as a channel is a great platform from which to host a personal brand, or a thought leadership campaign. Having several social media profiles as a hub for any influencer activity is hugely important to showcasing your credibility and expertise in your given field.

6. Credibility & Visibility

Whilst an SEO strategy, or a social media strategy might already be in place, video marketing can open new doors to your target audience. The increased opportunity to get your content in front of everyone massively improves your brand awareness and visibility. Furthermore if your content is good, and does the job you desire it too, it’ll drastically improve your brand credibility. Trust is essential when buying and selling services, thus it’s essential you have transparent, honest, and informative content.

Trust & Credibility

Take this Taylor Wessing promotional video for example. This content has been viewed thousands of times, and provides visitors a new way to access and understand what their law firm stands for. It’s also a great way to showcase their professionalism, and display their understanding of the sector. 

7. Variety Of Content & Audience

Youtube offers law firms the ability to upload and promote a whole host of video content across different audiences. Youtube Shorts for example, is a new side of Youtube similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Shorts provides the opportunity to provide short and succinct videos, like FAQs, where you have more opportunity to showcase some creativity and flair. The algorithm that exists for Shorts is much friendlier to organic search and mobile views. Youtube itself caters to the web visitor more, and would be perfect for hosting interviews, webinars, and case studies, and it is much more embeddable.

Final Thoughts

Youtube is a fantastic video marketing tool that can provide huge benefits for your law firm. Ensure that your content is well researched, and that you’ve isolated your key messaging and audience as part of your content strategy. Take a look at some of the examples above to see how you could integrate Youtube for your law firm.

If you’re looking for some more support on your video marketing strategy, or your overall digital strategy, please contact us here for a free consultation!

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