A short how-to guide to PR for accountants in three short steps


Public relations for accountants is as important as SEO, email, and social media marketing. And yet a high number of firms discount public relations – because they don’t know what to say, think they’re boring or a mixture of both.

Yet, without you to guide them, your customers would struggle to pay their taxes, master corporate finance, or follow recommended accounting procedures.

Without a robust PR strategy in place:

  • Your brand visibility will drop 
  • Your competitors will triumph
  • Your lead pool will dry up

PR for accountants works – and here’s how you can get started…

Here are three steps you can follow to improve the status of your firm and build a strong reputation.

#1 Develop contacts with local or national press

Getting your story out there will be nigh on impossible without contacts. That’s why you should focus on developing relationships with reporters, editors, and bloggers in your area and nationally (depending on your reach).

PR for accountants becomes a smoothly oiled machine once you have a bank of trusted contacts you can rely on to share your stories!

#2 Create a press-focussed page on your website

Although building up a library of solid press contacts should form the frontispiece of any PR strategy for accountants there’s nothing preventing you from self-publishing.

Perhaps your firm has…

  • Invested in state-of-the-art software
  • Hired a new head of HR
  • Moved to bigger offices
  • Won a brand-new client
  • Launched a new service

If so, then write the press release, sprinkle it with some niche keywords and phrases, then publish it and share it across all social media channels to maximise coverage.

#3 Master PR for accountants yourself

Instead of relying on third parties take control and learn how to become a PR expert. There are thousands of free videos on sites like YouTube or you could hire a coach to give you – and your hard-working teams – some top tips to help you hit the ground running.

Discontented with your content?

There’s more to a content strategy that PR. And to be brutal: finding the right topics to write about or commit to video is hard. That’s without mentioning other tasks like on- and off-page SEO, topic research and design.

Why not hand one of the many hats you wear to us instead. Book your free call today.

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