Accelerate your legal content strategy using these AI strategies

Relax, the machines are taking over. So put your feet up on the desk and enjoy a much-deserved cuppa. Because the terminator’s in charge of your legal content strategy now.

Actually, that was a white lie. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is indubitably making the lives of content strategists worldwide easier. But machine-learning is still in its infancy.

1. AI can generate content ideas and outlines

Although an expert in your niche you may struggle to identify topics of interest to your audience. Equally, planning your legal content strategy is probably challenging and time consuming.

Instead of guessing, or spending hours trawling the internet for inspiration, you could type the following question into ChatGPT instead:

‘What legal topics are trending in 2023?’

To which your newfound digital companion would helpfully reply:

Next, choose which topic you want to write about and ask ChatGPT to generate a heading for you (actually – let’s push the boat out and ask for three):

Finally it’s time to generate an outline to guide your writing…

There you have it. Three titles and a blog outline generated in the time it takes to boil a kettle (tea is a recurring theme in our blogs – because we love it almost as much as we do marketing).

2. Adapt legal content to suit individual visitors

Until recently web content had to be all encompassing, so that it broadly met the needs of each and every visitor. This makes planning and executing a legal content strategy harder – because you’re probably targeting several demographics rather than one.

AI overcomes this problem by using IP addresses – and other key information – to present a different version of your website to users based on their anticipated requirements.

This means a law firm could tailor content for each of its service propositions, such as:

  • Divorce law
  • Estate planning
  • Conveyancing

Content is King typed on retro typewriter

3. Trigger-based reminders so you never miss another beat

The saying ‘the best laid plans go to waste’ was probably invented by marketers. Creating a legal marketing strategy is one thing; executing it in a timely manner is another.

How many times has your legal content planning been put on ice due to sheer weight of work? Don’t worry, this happens across all industries and we come bearing good news.

AI isn’t just a content ideation, research, and writing tool. It can be programmed to trigger reminders for your…

  • Social media posts 
  • Email campaigns
  • Lead generation

…and much more, making you more productive and preventing lost opportunities from slipping through your fingers.

4. Make customer service the cornerstone of your business

You don’t have deep pockets because you’re not a global top-ten law firm who can afford to run a multi-regional support team to answer its customers’ questions. But that’s okay because you don’t need to.

AI chatbots can be programmed to understand your customers’ questions and direct them to either the right resource or the right person.

Chatbots sound human too. So, as far as your clients are concerned, they’re talking to a bona fide representative of your company – not an AI tool.

As if that wasn’t enough, bots collect data about site visitors which can be used to create even better user journeys and interactions in the future.

5. AB test your content to determine what works (and doesn’t)

Testing your legal content is essential. That way you can learn which topics and headlines trigger optimal responses – resulting in stronger future campaigns that produce results.

As you’ve seen already, AI tools like ChatGPT can be used to generate ideas, headline variations, and outlines too. This process can be extended to the creation of keywords, CTAs, and much more.

Creating legal content strategies to test variations of your blogs, emails, and ads has never been easier. 

There’s no substitute for human experience – so let’s discuss your plans

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