Amazon drones could take to the skies as early as 2015

I expect I wasn’t alone when I double checked the date while watching this video but no, it definitely isn’t April fools. Amazon are actually considering drones (just like the ones used by the military) as a future means of delivery!

Either he’s lost the plot or Jeff Bezos is a complete genius. In his interview with 60 seconds there are times where his hysteric cackle makes him resemble an evil James Bond villain so I do worry that these Amazon drones may actually be part of an attempt at global domination, but for the promise of next hour delivery that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

In the interview, Jeff Bezos addresses the more likely concern that we will all soon be mown down by low flying yellow opticopters, stressing that this is still in the very early stages of development and that safety is a huge priority.

If and when they finally do prepare for take-off, the Amazon drones will be capable of delivering within a 10-mile radius of distribution centres, which would allow it to cover large chunks of the worlds’ urban population. And while it can only ship products up to 5 pounds in weight, that actually accounts for about 80% of the orders made on Amazon, so the potential impact of these little fellas is enormous.


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