B2-Build a Better Website with These 3 Easy Tricks to Boost the B2B Buyer Journey

Your B2B website is a hub for current and prospective clients alike. When visiting people in person isn’t really an option at the moment, your B2B website is perhaps the most vital part of the sales process. 70% of buyers find content directly on the vendor’s website. With such a high percentage, you’ve got to ensure your B2B website is top-notch. Whilst the top area of B2B marketing spending was website development in 2020, there are still a few B2B brands out there that aren’t properly utilising their site.

Every B2B website should be designed to push users towards a goal and further along the buyer journey. That could be joining your mailing list, making an enquiry or scheduling a demo. Most B2B websites aren’t designed to support a buyer journey. Typically, a business’ website is used to broadcast three things to the world:

  1. Who they are
  2. What they do
  3. Why they do it better than anyone else

Those are some good starting points, but you’ll need to upgrade your B2B website if you want to start generating leads and getting them to the end of your sales funnel. We’ve got three top tips to help you instantly boost your website and create a better experience for your customers. 

1. Prioritising the user

When a customer comes across your B2B website for the first time, it’s important to guide them in and encourage a dialogue. We’re all a little guilty of talking about ourselves too much sometimes, but don’t get too carried away. Give the customer a point of entry on their own terms. Let them engage. You’re much more likely to connect with them if you’re using permission marketing techniques. Because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to be pushed.

It’s really the same as any social interaction. Imagine you’re at a party. Nobody wants to be stuck next to the guy that won’t stop going on about his latest and greatest business venture. (‘No, seriously, it’s gonna be huge!’ They say, as you desperately look around the room for someone to save you from hearing about their start-up for any longer.) 

That kind of self-centred bombardment more often than not leaves a customer feeling cold. They’ll probably be thinking ‘do they know who I am or what I need?’ And the answer will probably be ‘no.’ Building your site around the customer and making them feel invited in is a great way to combat this. For example, if the service you delivers varies depending on the size of your client’s business, you could tailor your site around that – small, medium or large – and create entirely different user experiences around the option they choose. Ask yourself: What differentiates one customer from another? What affects how they might interact with us? And tailor your processes from there. 

2. Speaking the user’s language 

Nobody wants to drag themselves through paragraph after paragraph of dense, complex legalese. No matter your industry, it’s important to communicate clearly and efficiently. When you’re constantly surrounded by the language of your industry, it can be easy to forget not everyone is as well versed as you are. 

The best B2B websites communicate at the same level as their customers. Taking complex concepts and explaining them in simple terms is a great exercise for any copywriter. Keeping things simple to understand will make it much easier for users to understand why they need your product or service. 

Your goal should always be to make the user’s journey as painless as possible. Communicating in a way that anyone can understand is the best way to ensure success. 

3. Provide users with tools

And finally, to really improve your B2B website, you need to provide all the tools your customers need to make the decision to splash the cash on your product or service. Identify what specific task that a user would come to your site to fulfil and then provide the means for them to complete that task. For example, you could provide an online estimator to provide a quote immediately. It’s a simple thing to input that provides a lot of value to the user and pushes them further along their buyer journey!

With these 3 simple tricks, you’ll be sure to transform users into buyers with your improved B2B website. For more helpful advice, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to user experience here or contact us for a free consultation with one of our marketing experts.


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