The Magic (Circle) of Influencers – How to Boost Your Law Firm With B2B Influencer Marketing

When you hear the word ‘influencer’, you might think of make-up stars or viral hit dancers and discard it as a thing for overly impressionable teens. Use code ‘gullible’ at checkout for 25% off! But the world of influencer marketing has grown far beyond its beginnings in the early 2010s. Consider the people you follow on social media, from LinkedIn to Instagram, and why you follow them. Outside of friends, family, and co-workers, you’re left with some exceptional people that managed to captivate your attention in a busy crowd. 

Influencers permeate every inch of these platforms and the world of law is no exception. Often dubbed as ‘vlawgers’, these B2B legal influencers are changing the perceptions of the industry with a vast audience of attentive fans. Like any business, law firms are looking to grow their own audience with dedicated viewership to attract clients – and the best way to achieve it is influencer marketing

Perfect partners

Back in 2014, the relationships between the brand and the influencer were vastly different than they are today. The influencers were typically only paid with free product or, if they were lucky, a meagre $50. The brands hired a wide range of influencers with little to no vetting beforehand. These partnerships were often lacklustre with little payoff. 

Nowadays, creating a good relationship between the brand and the influencer is vital. It’s essential that you, as a brand, carefully select an influencer that aligns with your company values, ethics, and ethos. Regardless of their follower count, they need to relate to your brand so that their audience can find something of value within your company. Research them thoroughly before diving into a partnership. 

Symbiotic sales

Remember to consider the influencer beyond what they can provide for your brand. Without sufficient payment terms, you might not even get a response to your enquiry. Be completely honest about what you’re looking for and your budget. Influencers will be more motivated to create content for a brand that is paying an appropriate sum. Lacklustre pay equals lacklustre content.

It’s also a great idea to consider collaborating with the influencer. They know their audience better than anyone else. If you allow the influencer to help guide what content they create, there’s a higher chance of it feeling authentic. The influencer will be happy to have more creative freedom and their audience will connect with it even more.  

Influencers with ideas

It’s not all about overly-formal, suit-wearing professionals. The landscape of legal influencers is vast and full of a wide variety of characters. Here’s a handful of influencers that are changing the face of law:

1. Eloise Skinner (eloiseallexia)

As a busy associate for Cleary Gottlieb in London, Eloise makes sure to find time to balance her work life with wellbeing. Her page centres around carving a space within corporate law for wellbeing. She’s a certified Pilates, yoga, and meditation practitioner, as well as a mental health first aider. Her wellness posts reflect her strong belief that every industry should take wellbeing and mental health more seriously – with law being no exception.

2. Ali Obeid (The FleekTalks)

This future White & Case trainee uses his YouTube channel to open up about his personal and professional experiences. From studying law to talking about his background, Ali wants to break down the barriers for disadvantaged young people and pave the way for others to follow him to prestigious institutions. He also frequently discusses politics, featuring themes of racism and feminism.

3. Eve Cornwell (Eve Cornwell)

The most popular girl on the ‘vlawger’ scene – Eve Cornwell is a powerhouse of likeable relatability tied together with an ethos of seriously hard work. The Bristol law grad has an immensely loyal following that loves to hear about every exploit. From office tours to coffee musings, Eve has introduced a young new audience to a previously exclusive world. Her posting often focuses on criminal justice reform and bringing attention to widespread injustices.

Now more than ever, it seems as though the world is only accessible through a screen. That’s what makes digital marketing more important than ever. Influencers have massive sway over their audience thanks to their carefully curated and steadily built relationship. Over 49% of influencers have seen their workload increase since the start of the pandemic. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Take a look at our B2B influencer marketing page to discover the services we offer or check out our handy Ultimate Guide for some reliable tips to help you get started.


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