Be interesting or be ignored says Facebook

If this was a search algorithm update we’d be calling it Google Boring.

Yesterday Facebook announced via their blog that content in news feeds will be promoted or demoted based on how interesting it is. If it gets lots of likes, shares and comments it will remain basking in the glory of top spot for those who haven’t yet seen it. Otherwise it will be pushed down to the Facebook doldrums where its only audience will be its equally dull and unpopular neighbours.

It’s a prompt for us all to muster up that little bit more wit and profundity, but particularly brands. If they can’t create engaging content then it won’t be seen, and if it’s not seen then it’s even less likely to be engaged, leaving businesses with little choice but to up their budget for ads and sponsored posts. On the other hand, if they’re able to consistently deliver eye catching, head scratching and rib tickling nuggets of joy, they can expect to see a sharp increase in their Facebook traction without spending a penny.

I better check my bank balance.


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