Best ChatGPT prompts for writing B2B content – a step-through guide

ChatGPT is here to stay, whether we like it or not. And despite Musk asking for a pause on AI, this new tech demand for these new tech platforms – which can be used for research, writing, coding, and image generation – is only growing. Knowing the best ChatGPT prompts will therefore give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

What is a ChatGPT prompt?

Writing good content takes time. From ideation and research to writing and copyediting the process is often long – and gruelling too, even for seasoned copywriters. Fortunately you can instruct ChatGPT to perform these tasks for you.

Examples of ChatGPT prompts include questions, instructions or any other form of request designed to stimulate a reply. Responses can then be used to aid content, structure, and even tone of voice.

Is ChatGPT like Google?

Before moving on to the best ChatGPT prompts we need to clear up some confusion. Search engines and AI tools like ChatGPT share certain similarities but they’re not the same.

  • True, you type a question into Google and it’ll find the best response
  • Search engines are therefore research tools – just like AI-platforms

But that’s where the similarities end. ChatGPT provides responses to questions in a conversational style designed to stimulate debate. 

In essence it’s a highly intelligent Chatbot that can provide responses to questions on almost any topic but in a personalised format.

Footnote: it saves you time too – because you won’t have to visit multiple sites (and there aren’t any annoying ads either – which is a bonus).

Knowing the best ChatGPT prompts is essential if you want to use AI as a powerful content writing and research tool.

What are FAQ blocks?

Five great AI prompts designed to give you the edge

Here are some AI prompts you can put into practice today.

1. Create a title for a blog explaining why B2B isn’t boring

We already know B2B is anything but dull. But how can you convince your audience – especially if you’re not a natural writer. The answer is ask ChatGPT. 

As you can see a title has been created – along with a short outline designed to provide some creative direction.

Is this the best ChatGPT prompt? It’s good but copywriters normally write a headline 20 times before getting it right.

2. Create 10 blog titles explaining why B2B isn’t boring

Even better. Now we have ten nuanced titles to choose from each of which lead in different directions. Next you can choose which B2B blog title you prefer and start

creating an outline.

3. Create an outline for the blog title ‘B2B Marketing: Where Strategy Meets Creativity’

Creating a compelling headline is hard enough. But compared to defining the roadmap for your story it’s a walk in the park. Fortunately ChatGPT can create suggested outlines for your blog titles – along with bullet points designed to keep you on track.

You don’t need to copy the structure verbatim. They’re called ‘prompts’ for a reason. So feel free to tweak the sub-headings, switch the running order, and expand the bandwidth of your piece by adding more insightful commentaries.

Accordion FAQs for WordPress

4. Write a welcome email in a whimsical tone of voice for a B2B tech company

B2B content can be a little on the dry side. This creates barriers to engagement – with customers exiting your content due to lack of interest. To create copy that pops and keeps your customers’ fingers scrolling you’ll need to write in a compelling tone of voice they can’t ignore.

Is the example below perfect? Will it have your customers howling tears of laughter and rushing to buy your product because you tickled their funny bone? No but it’s a good start – and with a few tweaks this email could generate some healthy open rates.

How to create a tone of voice

5. Please critique this content…

This is one of the best ChatGPT prompts. Simply copy and paste content into ChatGPT and ask for its feedback. It’ll reply with some helpful pointers you can use to improve clarity, structure, and even tone of voice.

The snapshot below was created by pasting the content of the welcome email into ChatGPT and asking for its opinion. And, as you can see, there is room for improvement.

So, there you have it: some of the best ChatGPT prompts for writing B2B content. The trick is to ask questions in a conversational way – as if you’re talking to a human being.

And don’t worry about…

  • long sentences
  • complex words
  • spelling errors
  • difficult topics 

…ChatGPT takes all of this in its stride so don’t be afraid to experiment with different prompts or shy away from difficult questions or concepts.

Need a helping hand with your content and prefer talking to real human beings with in-depth knowledge of the B2B space? Then book a free consultation with one of our digital marketing experts.

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