Cream of the Counsel Crop: The 4 Best UK LinkedIn Groups for Law Firms to Join

LinkedIn is the place to be for all things networking. The work-oriented social media platform is unique in its ability to bring together individuals in their sector (and out of their sector! The world is your oyster!) With this primed professional platform, you can make connections with other professionals and new leads alike. But what happens if you’re a lawyer or law firm that’s starting with a fresh profile, zero connections, and no clue how to get going? LinkedIn groups for law firms is your answer. 

What are LinkedIn groups for law firms?

You might be saying: that sounds cool, but what on earth is a LinkedIn group? Worry not, sweet summer child, we’ll explain all. LinkedIn groups for law firms are dedicated spaces for legal professionals to get together, share expertise and make connections. It’s exactly like a networking event, but better! You can network from the comfort of your sofa. Who could ask for more? 

These groups aren’t a new feature to LinkedIn. Linkedin groups for law firms have been around for a long time. However, with the unprecedented times (groan) we’ve been faced with over the last few years, groups have soared in popularity. They’re fast, convenient, and most importantly, you won’t be feeling poorly after meeting someone through a screen. 

There’s no limit to the number of groups you can join, but there are only so many hours in the day. We’ve narrowed down the 5 best LinkedIn groups for law firms for you to start making moves in:


  • 222,065 members

We’re starting off strong with the biggest LinkedIn group for law firms there is: e-LEGAL! They’re the number one group for every kind of legal professional. From trademarks to estate contracts, they’ve got it all. It’s definitely the place to start if you want the widest possible reach. There are a few rules you’ll have to follow first though:

  • First and foremost, make sure all posts must are relevant to the legal sector – anything else will be deleted.
  • No spam! Any promotional posts should be under their ‘promotions’ section.
  • Any location-specific posts such as events, jobs or news should be in the relevant sub-group.  
  • Any invitations to connect under the relevant ‘invitations to connect’ discussion.

‍⚖️ ‎‍⚖️ 

  • 8,189 members

With less of a crowd, is a great place to have your voice heard. They’re a networking group focused on legal issues and staffing for law firms. Members can submit discussions talking about the legal industry and law-related topics. They’ve also got a couple of rules you need to follow:

  • All post promotions, advertising, sales related information should be under their ‘promotions’ tab and not general discussions.
  • Discussions need to be relevant to legal marketing related matters. Off-topic discussions will be deleted.
  • Relevant external links in discussions are fine but please add some additional comments in order to create a worthwhile discussion i.e. don’t just post an external link on its own.
  • They encourage vigorous debate and welcome all sides in a discussion but make sure to be polite and avoid name-calling (aka, play nice!)

LIBRA NETWORK – The Legal Networking Group

  • 22,145 members

The Libra Network was established to connect legal professionals in local communities and around the world. This group strives to bring the legal industry of the world closer together through collaboration, sharing, and exchange of resources online and through live legal networking events and functions designed to facilitate personal interactions and relationship building among legal professionals. Surprise surprise, they’ve got some rules too:

  • They’re big on conversation in this group – starting and contributing to. In their words, ‘We want to facilitate real discussions instead of just posts of promotions, offers, or articles. In order to have a discussion, someone has to initiate the conversation. This can not be done just by posting a link, article, blog, or promotion. You must actually say something about what you are posting and let others join in the conversation. As such, posts that do not have a personal message or comment from the person posting will not be added to our discussion boards.’ Righto!
  • Like every group before, promotional posts have to go under their ‘promotion’ tab. These guys have obviously read our last blog post on LinkedIn groups for law firms best practices because they’ve advised: ‘However, we urge you to rethink that because no one really reads that section. Instead, why not write a few sentences about why what you posting is a helpful service or relevant to the group and we may choose to post this to our discussions, where it has a great chance to be seen and read.’

linkedin for law firms

Legal Professionals –  Best in class 

  • 17,364 members

Another busy group with plenty of people to connect with, the Legal Professionals – Best in Class bunch are here to learn, to share, to discuss, to get useful information and to get in contact with the right people – every networker’s dream! And they’ve got some rules too:

  • Posts must be by real people with real names – pretend names will be removed from the group. Real persons must have a surname.   
  • The title must be brief (1-2 lines with no blank lines or underlines etc.) with the bulk of the information in the additional details section of the post.   
  • The following are not permitted in any tab and will be deleted:   
    • Unsolicited promo 
    • Product placement 
    • Discriminatory or illegal job ads 
    • Promotion of other LinkedIn groups will not be tolerated  
    • PR releases 
    • Contents of private messages 
    • Blogs harvesting e-mails 
    • Thread hi-jacking 
    • Sponsor calls 
  • Ensure your posts have no calls to action (like, ‘buy now’ or ‘click now’ etc.)
  • Any URL must be accompanied by some explanation of what’s the linked regarding (eg. “read my blog” or “take this survey” must include a few sentences summarising the blog topic or survey objective).   

Did you get all that? These groups are teeming with plenty of professionals looking to connect! If you’re a law firm looking for leads or to expand your reach, you’re in the right place. Boss Digital are the marketing experts for the legal market – contact us for a free consultation today!

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