Best Of Inbound: July 2013

July 2013: Issue 2

Welcome to the July edition of ‘The Best of Inbound’. We have put together a list of our favourite news and advice articles from the around the web in order to keep you firmly in the inbound marketing loop! Big thanks goes to our team for curating and sharing their favourite articles.

1. New Symbol Designed To Replace ‘The’

A new ligature created by an Australian entrepreneur has caused a stir in the design world. Inspiration for the symbol was apparently taken from the ampersand (&) and has cost over $34,000 to create. With the only benefit seeming to be a reduction in the amount of characters you use on Twitter, it begs the question of whether or not it was really worth it.

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2. Honda Responds To Customer Tweets With Real Time Videos

On the 15th July Honda encouraged people to tell them via Twitter why they are sick of their cars using the #wantnewcar hashtag. On the same day Honda responded to a number of the tweets with customised Vine videos. The campaign aimed to encourage Twitterers to exchange thier old cars for new Hondas. Great creative use of both video and Twitter!

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3. 5 Email Marketing Hacks For Clothing Retailers

A recent survey showed that customer acquisition through e-mail marketing has quadroupled over the last few years. This actionable article is a must read for any business that sells clothing or accessories online. Actionable steps include setting up an offers calendar and abandoned cart emails.

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4. Link Building Is Not Bad – An Interview With Matt Cutts

This month Matt Cutts, probably one of the most famous Googlers and head of their web spam team, gave an interesting interview to Eric Enge of Stone Temple. Matt told Eric that webmasters should create fantastic websites which people actually care about and want to link to organically as opposed to implimenting dodgey link campaigns.

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5. 5 Good Habits To Ensure Success With AdWords

In this article the author shares 5 habits which he feels makes him better at managing AdWords campaigns. From seeking feedback and not being lazy to eliminating clutter, this post may sound as though it has come out of a self help book but it is deifnately a useful read for anyone managing an AdWords campaign.

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