5 Reasons Why Your Big Idea Needs To Be Bigger


You may be aware that there are certain miserable bastards who believe there is an inverse relationship between our ability to use sophisticated data and channel tactics to communicate in increasingly targeted ways, and our propensity to generate truly ambitious & creative strategies. In other words, the more targeted we can be, the less imagination we be assed to muster. As technology advances, creativity puts its feet up and has a little snooze.

I am one of those miserable bastards.

You see the trouble is that many seem to view digital and creative as somehow mutually exclusive. You lead with one or you lead with the other. This is a dangerous false dichotomy and one that explains why the vast majority of marketing is now so unimaginably unimaginative.

We are a digital agency, we always think digital first, but we also know that those channels are only ever as good as the creative fuelling them. In fact here are 5 reasons why big, creative ideas are at least as important now as they were 70 years ago when David Ogilvy opined that we should “Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals”:

  1. Big ideas help us cut through the noise in markets that are already packed with an abundance of perfectly good content, and in 2021 that’s pretty much all of them.
  2. They give us long term direction and ensure we are building an asset rather than merely a series of well executed but disjointed tactics.
  3. Big ambitions help us to sell the vision to decision makers and influencers, while injecting excitement into those involved in the execution. People want to be involved in things that make a difference.
  4. They make other channel activities like PR, outreach and community engagement a thousand times easier, because remarkable ambitions are worthy of remark.
  5. And number 5, just to keep the left side of our brains happy – let’s not forget that all of the above means our cost per acquisition plummets and every channel becomes more scalable.

That’s why this stuff matters.

But even when I explain all of this, one challenge usually remains – budget – big ideas cost big money they grumble. What if you’re a small business? Or a big business operating on reduced marketing budgets?

Well, if that’s the case then I’m afraid you really don’t have a choice. Nothing is more expensive than trying to make a noise with mediocrity.

See you next time,



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