Welcome to the Blogosphere: 4 Tips for Writing B2B Blog Posts that Boost Your Brand’s Lead Generation

It’s blog-ception! A blog post on writing blog posts. We probably don’t need to tell you the merits of creating a blog for your brand’s digital marketing. You’re reading one right now, after all. But just in case there’s any doubt – did you know that over 77% of internet users read blogs? Think of the millions of users that are browsing the internet every day. They could be looking for your expertise to help justify their next purchase. 

And B2B buyers so often do use blog posts for research, because B2B marketers who have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t. It’s so important to be a part of that 67%. If you don’t have a blog full of consistent, engaging content, you could be missing out on new leads. 

It’s all well and good to stress the importance of blogs, but we get it. Blog writing takes a lot of time. The average blogger spends 3.5 hours on a blog post and those are valuable hours that could be spent elsewhere. That’s why you need to know how to quickly and effectively write great blog posts that are full of engaging content. We’ve compiled a list of our best practices so you can do just that:

1.Understanding your audience

We’re starting off with an easy one here. You need to understand what your target audience wants so you can write the kind of content that they’ll respond to. If you’re targeting vintage car enthusiasts, it would probably be misguided to start writing listicles on the latest electric car news. You always want to be providing value to your readers. If it’s not something they would value, it’s not something you should be writing about.

2. Balancing facts and fun

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes we’ll have to read something that’s boring. Especially in the B2B space, sometimes there’s no getting around the fact that it can’t be fun and games all the time. You have a product or service to sell and it’s important to explain them clearly to the reader. 

That doesn’t mean that your copy has to be completely devoid of interesting content, though! The tone of your copy can make a slog of an article more entertaining and can also help the reader to better understand your offerings. Nobody likes reading legalese. (But maybe lawyers do?) Flexing your offerings in a more casual tone can help the everyman understand them better. Even if your brand had a more serious tone of voice, your blog could be the place to loosen up a little. The best blog posts contain loads of useful information presented in a fun, engaging way.

3. Click here for more 

It’s all well and good writing a great blog post with engaging content, but you need users to convert. You want to aid users along their journey and make their experience as seamless as possible. Utilise internal linking to guide them through the site with engaging CTAs (Calls to Action) that lead them to your contact form.

4 reasons why your next headline should contain a list

Numbers are a trigger to get people’s attention. They really catch your eye in a way that letters don’t. Look again at the above sub-heading. Your eyes just drift towards the 5, don’t they? It also sets expectations within the reader and promises something specific up-front. The structured points also allow for effective skim reading (which users love to do – 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts.)

But as we said, there are only so many hours in the day even with our best tips! Over 64% of B2B marketers outsource blog copywriting, and you might be looking to be one of them. We’re experts at B2B content marketing here at Boss Digital. Contact us here for a free consultation!


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