The Most Boring Channel In Digital Marketing (& Also The Most Important)


It’s an interesting paradox that the newer and less proven an idea, the more exciting it feels. While something that has consistently worked for decades inevitably fades into the background.

This kind of makes sense. The new thing is unknown and therefore its potential limitless. And what’s more our competitors may not have noticed it yet, so if we can move quickly then we may unearth a goldmine before they even know it exists.

But of course our competition has noticed it, because just like us they have their radars finely tuned to anything new and shiny.

Meanwhile, the resources devoted to revealing this potential gold mine are being taken from the boring old stuff that actually works. And in the digital world, there is nothing more old nor boring than email.

Of course I’m not saying don’t nail your social or build a lovely new app or engage with influencers. Do all those things. Just don’t let it be a reason for neglecting the grandad of digital, because this grandad does three things better than anyone else in the family:

  • First of all, email builds an asset – unlike social, you own your email list. And should anyone ever come to buy your business, if they have any sense they’ll be far more concerned with the size of your engaged email audience than they will over how many likes your most recent video got on social (do give this one a like though).
  • Secondly, it generally provides a far higher ROI – whether you’re consumer or B2B, your email list contains people that know you and trust you, and will drive traffic with a higher purchase intent than any other channel.
  • Finally, it’s super efficient – whether we’re talking automated emails for on-boarding, or firing out your latest blog content via a newsletter, emails are typically some of the fastest and cheapest channel activity you can engage in.

So by all means Invest in a bright future for little InstaGraham and TikTokTilly, but just don’t neglect Grandad. He’s still the one paying the bills.

See you next time,


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