The Jury’s Out: 4 Ways Every Law Firm Can Improve Their Branding

Maybe more than any other market, it’s essential that law firms connect with the right audience. There’s plenty of reasons why. To continue the growth of the firm. To ensure the business’ longevity. To fulfil the firm’s established purpose. To achieve all of this (and more!), you need to pay attention to branding for law firms

Times are changing. Your reputation as a reputable firm doesn’t just hang on the prowess of your lawyers anymore. It hangs on your branding, too. Law firms, like all B2B businesses, are judged in a millisecond by potential clients. We all make subconscious assumptions about a business, and one of the first of those subliminal encounters with a firm is through your branding. 

Creating a strong brand for law firms is not only achievable but also incredibly rewarding. It means your firm can more effectively communicate with your current and prospective clients. Boss Digital can help law firms win hearts and minds of their prospective and current clients using comprehensive and cohesive branding strategies. This in turn results in more enquiries for your law firm, greater revenue and profit, and positive proof of strong return on investment. 

Building your law firm's brand

What is branding for law firms?

To understand branding, we first have to get to grips with ‘brand.’ There are two different aspects to brand: 

  • The first aspect to brand for law firms is the reputation and perception that clients have in their minds when they think about your firm. 
  • The second aspect to brand for law firms is the expectations that your brand sets for clients.

Essentially, brand is something that directly influences our feelings and emotions around a law firm. By making these feelings and emotions positive, you can use these subliminal associations in your firm’s favour. 

All this talk about emotions and feelings might feel like a waste of time for analytical thinkers – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t become different people within the hours of 9 to 5. We’re all still human with emotional, impulsive brains that rule far more of our decisions than we’d like to admit (even if we’re not aware of it!) 

This common misconception permeates throughout the legal market and exposes a fatal flaw in our understanding of branding: that a company’s brand is a vague, nebulous thing that only exists as a shallow symbol. Branding is actually integral to every interaction that a client has with your law firm. From how you pick up the phone to how you deliver your product, branding is what makes your law firm different from another.

How to create a strong brand for law firms

Your law firm’s branding will have a definite impact on your chosen target market. It’s so much more than a pretty colour palette and a logo. Your branding will influence what your clients associate your firm with thanks to the thousands of subliminal messages it gives off. These subliminal messages transmitted through your business’ marketing is a powerful tool that can work with or against you. 

1. Create branding that’s authentic to your firm

When it comes to branding for law firms, it’s essential to maintain your company’s unique integrity. From your brand values to your communications, every piece of your branding should feel authentic to your business and distinct from your competitors. 

This is an exciting opportunity to display your brand’s personality and showcase what makes your law firm better than the rest. It might feel a little uncomfortable to examine yourself and your business so closely, but this is a necessary step that provides a bedrock foundation for the rest of your branding efforts. And it will also yield rewarding results!

Culture shapes your brand

2. Define your brand promise

A combination of what your law firm offers, what the market isn’t providing and what your clients need: your brand promise is what helps your firm deliver a unique and valuable service to your target audience. Your brand promise is also known as your USP, aka your unique selling point, and it is vitally important to embed this into your branding.

3. Carve out your niche  

You know what they say: a friend to all is a friend to none. If you try to appeal to everyone with your law firm’s offerings, you’ll end up appealing to nobody. You should define your target audience as specifically as possible. This ensures that you can best engage with that audience. If you want to appeal to a specific set of people, it’s essential to know that group inside and out, as there’s no way to appeal to everyone.       

4. Consistency, consistency, consistency

When it comes branding, it’s vitally important to remain consistent. That means keeping consistent across your website, your socials, your letterheads, your email signatures, your business cards… Anything that you’ve got should have the exact same branding across it. If your branding isn’t consistent, it immediately is a turn off for prospective clients as it gives off the impression that your business is unprofessional – the last thing a client would want from their law firm!

Consistency with branding for law firms

If you’re looking to make an impact with branding for law firms, contact us for a free consultation with one of our marketing experts to discover how we can help elevate your brand with our expertise.

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