Build serious brand muscle by getting to know your customers

Can you build strong relationships with members remotely? True, your website is a powerful marketing and lead-generation tool. And the same is true of email marketing – which is a great way to keep your brand visible. 

But getting to know customers should also involve a hands-on approach if you’re to improve retention, get candid feedback, and troubleshoot problems before they become bombs.

In this blog, we’ll outline why getting to know customers is easier than you thought, costs nothing but your time and is a great way to build some serious brand muscle.

Getting to know customers: three benefits you can’t afford to ignore

#1 Listen in to the noise

Walking the gym floor means you can eavesdrop on conversations. As you make these walks part of your routine, you’ll strike up conversations with members who are bound to provide spontaneous feedback or ask questions.

In short, by becoming the face of your brand you’ll be able to elicit candid feedback you’d struggle to get through conventional digital channels – like social, email, or surveys.

#2 Understand customer need

Getting to know customers isn’t easy. After all it means striking up conversations with strangers. But here’s the thing: your customers want to talk and are waiting for you to make the first move.

Choose the right moment to interact of course (mid-rep while their face is turning red is a bad idea) to learn…

  • What they love about your gym – do they come for the classes or prefer to work out alone?
  • What they love less – perhaps equipment needs replacing or a wider variety of machines is needed
  • Maybe they need help in which case they might benefit from some 1:1 tuition

As you can see getting to know customers is a great way to get feedback, deepen your understanding of what’s working (and what isn’t), and strategise accordingly.

#3 Create new marketing opportunities

While interacting with customers there’s nothing wrong with gently upselling other services. 

  • Maybe you’ve launched a powerlifting class for aspiring strength athletes seeking a new challenge.
  • Planning on running online yoga classes for busy parents who can’t get to the gym?
  • Developing an online or in-gym nutrition program for athletes keen up their game?

Well now’s your chance to mention these existing or forthcoming services and drum up some interest!

Need help getting to know your customers in other ways?

Then we’d love to help. We can’t don sweatbands (which we still love by the way) or approach your customers in person (without getting a restraining order).

But what we can do is help you target customers using the right digital platforms and messaging. Walking the gym floor, we’ll have to leave to you.

Book your free consultation now to learn more.

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