Confused by brand identity? Here’s a simple model anyone can follow


Brand is often seen as something vague, abstract and complicated but it really shouldn’t be. in fact as with anything in business I think the more systematic and repeatable you can make it the better.

The approach I use is taken from a model created by David Aaker nearly 30 years ago:

– The brand purpose – why does your brand exist? What’s wrong with your sector or the world that your brand is trying to fix? For more on this, search for Simon Sinek’s “What’s your why”
– We should think of ir as a product or service – what are its key features and benefits?
– What are the organisational values, and how will these be deeply embedd within the company?
– What’s the brand’s personality? Most purchases happen due to emotional and self expressive benefits rather than rational benefits, so if you’re to be able to communicate these emotional and self expressive benefits it’s essential that you first capture the personality of the brand.
– Finally, the visual identity. Really this is the one that should come last, although of course the irony is that it’s generally the thing that people jump to first. It includes the colour palettes, logo, typeface and user imagery.

So that’s David Aaker’s model and of course there are others, but the important thing is that you have a clear framework within which to operate.

See you next time.

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