Content Marketing Part 1 – Why Strategy Must Come First


There is a tendency for content marketers to jump into whatever channel they believe their audience is active on, without giving much thought to what it is they’re trying to achieve or how they’re going to achieve it. Needless to say that this is a brilliant way of expending a huge amount of effort for very little gain. As with anything in business, it needs to form part of a broader strategy.

The single most important principle to grasp is that the channel activity itself – whether that’s Facebook or LinkedIn or a blog or email – the channel activity should not be treated as separate silos. Instead it all has to flow from the overarching content strategy, and if you get that content right then to some extent your channel activity is going to take care of itself. Get it wrong and no matter how clever your channel tactics, you’re always going to have an uphill struggle.

The other important point here is efficiency. If you’re like 95% of digital marketers then you’re probably being set ever more ambitious goals without the budget or resources to match. Ensuring you’re able to use your time and budget efficiently is everything, and that’s the other reason you need a clear strategy for your content – it is going to give you a tonne of time back each month.

This video series is going to help you to create a content strategy that achieves both of these things – it will ensure you are highly efficient with both your time and money while being as impactful as possible across every channel.