Elon Musk requests a pause on AI but what does his letter really mean?

ChatGPT has been a buzz topic since November 2022 when it launched. Businesses and marketers responded  with a mixture of skepticism and awe. In the right hands this tool could increase content output exponentially – not just for them but their competitors too. 

And then, seemingly out of the blue, Elon Musk – one of ChatGPT’s founders – added his signature to an open letter petitioning for a pause on AI.

That’s right. Four months after what’s been the fastest and most successful launch of a product in recent history its founder  is requesting – along with 1,125 others – a ‘farewell to arms.’

So, what are the implications of this letter – which caps ChatGPT’s development at version four – and what ramifications will it have for the technology industry and the customers it serves?


Why was Musk asking for a pause on AI?

The letter gets right to the point. Musk and his supporting signatories think AI poses a genuine risk to the human race. In the viral epistle concerns are also raised about the spread of misinformation and job .

These concerns seem noble enough. Musk and co want to  protect businesses, jobs, and the future of the human race (no mention of Skynet here but the implication is there).

But isn’t this self immolation? Pleading for a pause on AI will have implications not just for ChatGPT but Tesla too: a business that sells vehicles fitted with artificial intelligence software.

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The AI letter could give Musk breathing space

Musk and his cohort aren’t trying to kill AI. Rather, they want to slow it down – by installing a committee of sorts with regulatory powers to oversee its long-term development. .

The sceptics among us might wonder if this is a strategic move. Is this Musk’s way of controlling his competitors (think Bard, Microsoft’s recently launched AI platform which could topple ChatGPT).

It’s impossible to guess Musk’s intent. Surprisingly though Tesla’s shares shot up after publication of the letter – so its effect was overwhelmingly positive. Draw what conclusion you will. 

Not everyone signed Musk’s AI letter

The AI industry isn’t obligated to act.  True, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, added his name to the petition. But Sam Altman – ChatGPT’s CTO – is notably missing. Microsoft hasn’t thrown its two cents into the ring yet either.

Look at the list of signatories and many seem tied to universities, not commercial organisations, leading many to wonder whether the pause for AI will  rouse support from the tech sector at all.

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What Is The Future Of Life Institute & how strong is its influence?

The letter was published – and can still be found – on the Future Of Life Institute’s website which counts famous alumni like Morgan Freeman amongst its (mainly scientifically renown) supporters.

Could FOLI influence a pause on AI? At this time of writing the organisation has suggested amendments to the draft Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act law created and under review by the EU.

Musk’s letter forms an important cornerstone in FOLI’s strategy and could help sway the European Union into amending the Act’s regulations to address concerns about threat to our wellbeing: both economic and physical.

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What effect will this pause on AI have on tech companies and businesses?

Nothing has happened yet. However, the letter has garnered much attention in the media and invoked as much publicity as when ChatGPT launched in 2022. 

The lack of support from big brand names like Microsoft is telling, though. Key players in the AI sector must buy-in to Musk’s narrative if change is to happen.

Either that or the public – and businesses in general – will vocalise support for a pause on AI and amplify the concerns raised by FOLI et al.

Sufficient pressure could help enforce tighter regulations, capping the development of AI until a set of universal laws can be agreed upon that protect profit and people alike.

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Until then it’s business as usual…

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t been deleted. So wield it as your business sees fit – to create outlines, headlines, and body copy for blogs, create striking artwork for brochures, or even generate code for the backend of your website. 

Remember, though, if you can do it so can your competitors. So don’t rely on AI to win the hearts and minds of your target audience. . 

Instead, create personalised content in the form of:

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) where you target the needs of a niche group or high net worth decision maker
  • Podcasts that establish you as a knowledgeable and credible force in your sector
  • Tailored emails based on customer behaviour as opposed to catch-all messaging

One thing is for certain: the pause on AI is temporary. This means you must become comfortable using it while focusing on traditional tried-and-testing marketing techniques too. 

A pause for…coffee?

If you’re thirsty for success – and partial a cup of coffee – why not combine the two by calling one of our digital marketing experts. Whether you’re interested in using AI to market your business, or need more general advice, we’d love to help you take the next step.

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