Why every business needs an influencer strategy


When you think of influencers you probably think of young, beautiful instagrammers with huge followings, and how they can be used to promote certain brands in fashion, fitness and beauty. But that’s just a small part of it.

There are influential figures in every industry, from dentistry to IT, and from travel to accountancy. Some of them may have appeared out of nowhere on social media in the last few years, but others have long been influential in the offline world. The thing is, these traditional figures almost certainly now have an online profile – after all, they have always understood the value of self promotion, so why would that change now? Consider an IT expert who’s n industry expert in cloud computing. They have always attended lots of events, spoken on panels, been quoted in industry magazines, etc… And now, in 2017, they will almost certainly be active online.

By engaging with these influencers, no matter what the market, you can achieve a number of things:
You can capture the best content in the world – and they probably won’t ask for much in return as long as they like your brand and they believe that you believe in the work you’re doing and the content you’re creating
Your brand will take huge credibility from the association with their brand
It will also help to increase your reach on social media as their audience is your audience
In many cases you will also be able to use the relationship to solicit links back to your website

In short, it will make just about everything you’re doing loads better, and loads more scalable.

See you next time.

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