Facebook Acquires Oculus VR – Where is Facebook headed?

There is a clear public divide forming over Facebook. On one side, you have the optimistics, those that see Facebook as a tool for good and integral to the future development of the internet and advertising. On the other side, there is a stigma associated with Facebook; a company that regularly violates the privacy of its users and profiteers through addicting games and aggressive advertising.

I bought into Facebook a couple of years ago, literally, I bought a bunch of shares. I’ve always seen Facebook as a ‘pioneer’ of privacy and privacy education – I fundamentally disagree with the (exaggerated) notion that Zuck is looking to call people out on their obscure porn interests. What Mark is doing is attempting to interpret trillions of pieces of data in a way that makes everything online more accessible. Sure, he’ll make a ton of money on the way, and he’ll run into lawsuits as modern-day pioneers always do, but Facebook is a force for good and they are still in the very early stages of growth… queue Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that they’re purchasing Oculus VR for a cool $2billion – spare change apparently, and their second huge purchase of a non-profiting company this year. Oculus is one of the leading virtual reality companies that is attempting to bring VR headsets to homes in the next few years (UPDATE: latest VR releases). Crowd funded for $2.5million, the ‘Oculus Rift’ (their first product) has made some serious progress into development and judging by these reactions, it’s a pretty immersive experience.