Reaching New Heights: How to Boost Facebook Posts for Law Firms

Facebook is the perfect place for law firms to improve their brand. From increased brand awareness to more leads at the top of your funnel, the importance of social media should never be underestimated. With over 2.9 billion (yup, billion with a ‘b’) users, there are plenty of potential clients out there waiting to connect with your content. 

Venturing out into the wide world of Facebook content can feel a little daunting. Once you create your content and post it up, you could be waiting forever for the engagement to start flooding in. But don’t lose faith just yet – building momentum on a post is really difficult without a boost (thanks a lot, Zuckerberg!) What’s a boost, I hear you ask? The Facebook ‘Boost Post’ button is one of the easiest ways to expand your post’s reach. All it takes is a few quick clicks and a little bit of cash. 

What is a boosted Facebook post for law firms?

Simply put, a boosted Facebook post is the same as a regular Facebook post. The only difference is that you’ve spent a small amount of money to promote the post to people that otherwise might not have seen it. It’s a kind of Facebook advertising, but it’s the simplest and most user-friendly. 

Why should law firms boost their Facebook posts?

Here’s a depressing statistic: The organic reach of Facebook brand pages has suffered a 44% decline. Once the perfect place for businesses to gain an audience organically, Facebook’s algorithm isn’t what it used to be. Even if a client has liked your page, there’s really no guarantee they’ll see your posts.

So, what should law firms do to reach their audience – both current and potential? The Boost Post button is the most efficient and effective way to get more people to see your post. Still not convinced? Here are most of the best reasons to click that ‘Boost Post’ button:

  • Your posts reach the right kind of people. When you boost a post, you’re reaching out to your potential audience instead of just the audience you’ve already accumulated. By utilising the simple targeting options that boosting posts provide, you can reach a specific group that you’re sure will gain value from your page. 
  • It takes no time at all. Creating this basic form of Facebook advertising takes less than a minute. All you have to do is click a few buttons and your post will be up and running ASAP.
  • You can get into the nitty-gritty with analytics. If you’re not a digital marketing aficionado, hearing the word ‘analytics’ may set you on edge. The analytics that comes along with boosted posts are easy to use and understand, meaning you can simply see how your post is performing and how to improve performance in future.  
  • Get some cross-platform promotion. Our overlords at Meta (previously known as Facebook) own another popular social media platform… Instagram! When you boost a post on Facebook, you also have the option to boost it on Instagram too. It’s a simple way to increase your reach and get in front of an entirely different user base. 

How much does it cost to boost a Facebook post for law firms?

The great thing about boosted posts is that you can spend as little as £1 on a post and it’ll make a marked difference. Granted, the more you spend, the more people your post will reach, but even small budgets can leave an impact. Whether you’re a well-established law firm with a huge turnover or you’re a small firm that’s just starting up, any amount you put behind a post will help increase its reach.

How to boost Facebook posts for law firms

We’ve banged on about how easy it is to boost Facebook posts for law firms enough. It’s time to actually get into it:

1. Log into your law firm’s Facebook account and go onto your Facebook page. 

2. Find the post you’d like to promote and click on the blue ‘Boost Post’ button.

3. Now you’re on the ‘Boost Post’ page! First, we’re going to select a goal for your post. If you’re not entirely sure what you’d like from your post, then you can let Facebook do the hard word and select the ‘automatic’ option. 

4. Choose what kind of audience you’d like to reach. There are plenty of options here, but luckily, the interface is very intuitive. You can select a certain gender, age, location, and even more detailed targeting like their education level, certain life events, relationships, etc. It’s helpful to conduct some audience analysis before this step so you have a good idea of who you’re reaching out to.


5. Outline the duration of your ad. This sets how many days your post will be boosted for. Your ads can run from as little as 1 day, all the way to 365 days. Generally, posts tend to do best when boosted for 4 days or more.

6. Then, it’s time to choose your budget. A handy slider is here to help you determine the right amount of budget for your firm. The minimum budget is £0.74 per day, so make sure you’re exceeding that amount if you want to boost your post!

7. Finally, we’re going to pick our ad placement and determine our payment method. Here is where you select which platforms your post will be soon on.

8. Then, you preview your ad, make sure you’re 100% happy with everything, and you click Boost Post Now!

Congratulations! You’ve boosted your first post! Social media marketing can be a tricky thing to master. If you’re more comfortable dealing with the law than with paid advertising, contact Boss Digital for a free consultation and discover how far your content can go. 

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