Facebook Reader Imminent

The typical Facebook user may visit their Facebook profile many times a day, but these visits tend to be short, limiting their advertising value. In an attempt to keep you engaged for longer, the social giant are making some fundamental changes to the way you experience Facebook. In the last few months the redesign of the Facebook news feed and their introduction of hashtags have been clear indicators that the news space is something they are taking very seriously. Now reports have emerged that for the last year they have been working on their own mobile Reader.

For nine years Facebook has been almost exclusively about sharing content updates, images and video with friends; a focused strategy that has allowed them to grow to 1 billion users. The evolution into news provider represents a significant shift for team Zuckerberg but with Twitter and LinkedIn having made serious progress in news already, the natural synergy between news and social is beyond doubt. Their audience is in place so it’s time to give them what they’ve been waiting for.


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