Fighting Back Against Panda

As the Panda updates continue to roll out (the most recent refresh being on the 8th of this month), thin, frail content is struggling to take the pressure. We’ve seen it across countless sites that we own and manage – those pages with substance are finally getting the exposure they deserve, while the keyword rich but ultimately bland and generic pages are slowly but surely slipping rank. And quite right too.

As with all pure forms of SEO that offer real competitive advantage, there are no quick fixes to be found. This isn’t about writing another few hundred words and expecting Google to suddenly take you seriously. This is about thinking carefully about your user and deciding what relevant content would add genuine value to their time on your page.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Relevant pricing
  • Relevant events
  • Relevant testimonials
  • Relevant address
  • Relevant images (alt tags)
  • Relevant videos
  • Relevant news
  • Relevant products
  • Relevant links to other resources (both internal and external)

No doubt you’ve spotted the theme – relevance. We’re not looking for bland, site-wide information. We’re talking about something specific to the user that makes an instant impact on their search query experience.

Needless to say you’re not likely to do all of the above, at least not if you have anything else to do with your life. You need to be selective. Are you users likely to include “pricing” in their search queries? Would they be influenced by testimonials? Are they looking for your product or service on a location specific basis? Is there a good chance they’ll enter the page through an obscure, long-tail phrase, and therefore benefit from links to other similar resources that might provide more suitable information? The answers to these questions will determine what you use to beef up your content, ensuring a better user experience, more positive engagement metrics, more Panda-proof on-page signals and ultimately the exposure it (now) deserves!

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