Five benefits of video marketing for B2B organisations

How will you get your customers’ attention in a sea of digital noise? Remember, your audience is spoilt for choice, after all. And this makes them fickle. Enter video marketing: a catch-all digital tool you can deploy to make your prospects sit up and pay attention.

In this guide we’ll:

  • Show you how to get better Google rankings using video 
  • Explain why visual content delivers better conversions
  • Discuss how video marketing is ideal for email campaigns
  • Outline why the all-important personal touch matters
  • Talk about the benefits of sharing videos socially

Whether your video marketing strategy isn’t working, or you’re a total beginner, our highly accessible guide will give you the insights and knowledge you need to get started.

Five benefits of video content marketing

# 1. Higher Google rankings

Sorry to break this to you, but people are lazy readers. Remember that insightful blog you completed last week (that’s right – the one that took a day to write, edit and publish)? At best, visitors scanned your content, looking for specific keywords or phrases. 

That’s why video marketing is important. It allows prospects to consume content with minimal effort. This means they’re less likely to become bored or frustrated and abandon their journey. And the longer they spend on your site, the higher your rankings will be.

Why will your rankings improve? Google uses 200 criteria to determine a site’s position. Time spent on site is one of them. That’s because it demonstrates trust. After all, a prospect will only persevere if your content is relevant, clear, and engaging. 

# 2. Increased conversion rates

It’s easier to convey emotion through video. Provided the presenter is compelling and persuasive, converting prospects to take the next step will be easier compared to written form.

Video marketing increases conversions by 80%. So the time and money you spend on creating evergreen content, short promotional segments, or tutorials will repay its weight in gold.

Choosing the right topics – and a confident influencer to front your campaigns – is of course essential if your videos are to strike the right note with your prospective audience.

video content strategy

# 3. Ideal for email marketing too

The benefits of video marketing aren’t limited to web content. How many of the hundreds of emails you receive weekly do you actually open? It’s probably one or two at most.

Why are email open rates so low? Subject lines are often uncompelling, over-personalised, or ‘clickbaity.’ Because of this, it’s safer to ignore them altogether.

Use the word ‘video’ in a subject line and watch your open rates go through the roof (by as much as 300%). Again, this is because video content is easier for time-poor prospects to consume.

# 4. Personalise your brand

Communicating what you do, for who, and why is important. But doing so in a blog has its limitations. Speak directly to your audience and you’ll not only improve engagement but build trust too.

This is especially true when explaining a product or service. Rather than wading through a 1500-word thought leadership article, viewers can pop on their headphones and watch a two-minute video.

The more video marketing content you produce, the greater the bond with your customers who’ll trust your brand as an authoritative source of information they can rely on to make critical decisions.

# 5. Get social with your customers

With social media, you can tap into your target audience for free. Getting your customers’ attention is a different matter altogether. How can you elevate your brand above your competitors?

Video lets you showcase your brand’s personality. Make your customers laugh – or think out loud – and they won’t just engage with your content, they’ll share it too. Who knows, you could even go viral.

video marketing ideas

In summary…

If you want to be top of the SERPs, build trust with your customers, and boost conversion rates, nailing your video marketing strategy is essential. But personalising your brand this way is far from easy.

Do you really have the time and in-house expertise to create stand-out video segments that sizzle? Then there’s the issue of presenting. Finding someone with the verve and confidence to host a video isn’t easy either.

That’s why B2B organisations often prefer to trust their video marketing to specialists who can handle the entire process for them.

Create B2B video content that inspires, engages, and converts with Boss Digital

If video isn’t your area of expertise, or time is limited, trusting the work to specialists with a strong track record of creating outstanding content makes sense. 

Book a call with one of our friendly experts so we can help you achieve your marketing goals and grow.

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