Five content writing trends to watch out for in 2022

Is content writing part of your 2022 strategy? If not, it needs to be. Creating on-trend copy – be it a social media post, web page, or blog – is a great way to reach your audience and connect with them.

If you publish often you’re a step ahead of competitors who don’t. But are you leading the curve or behind it? Content writing rules change over time – as does the technology used to create it.

With that in mind let’s look at some current trends (and see how many you can tick off).

Content trend #1: Rise of the machines

If this headline conjures images of humans battling robots in a future landscape, you’re not alone. The introduction of artificial intelligence into the world of marketing sent shivers down the spines of many a copywriter. That’s because this emerging trend seemed set to threaten these writers’ livelihoods.

In truth, this technology is not yet sophisticated enough to pull off such a coup. And it may never be. But this hasn’t stopped organisations from experimenting.

After all, an AI copywriter:

  1. Is cheaper than hiring a professional
  2. Can work 24/7 without getting tired
  3. Doesn’t mind repetitive tasks
  4. Works faster than a real person

As copywriting trends go, so far so good. Unfortunately, AI tools don’t always understand the context. They also generate spelling errors too.  In some cases, the output can be gibberish.

Should you make AI part of your marketing strategy? Read our in-depth AI blog and make up your own mind.

"AI Content trend #2: All hail the return of long-form copy

In this age of smartphone technology, our concentration spans have never been shorter. Like highly-caffeinated fleas, we flit from app to app  – our pitstops lasting barely 30-seconds.

In short, trying to hold a prospect’s attention has never been harder. Hence why marketing trends have shifted toward more easily digestible short-form content.

Nonetheless. long-form content is on the rise….

This is good news – because:

  • Readers engage with it more compared to short-form content
  • It’s almost always a hit when shared on social channels
  • Long-form content is great for search engine ranking
  • Storytelling formats tend to yield better conversions

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Content writing trend #3: Email copy is hot in 2022 too

And its ‘return’ is most welcome. Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and forge deeper connections with them – although this process takes time.

Writing email copy will yield great results if:

  • Your content is 100% unique & personalised
  • Your brand stories are compelling

Test your emails to find out which topics resonate. Then adapt your content until open rates increase. AB testing this way is essential if you want to build campaigns that convert.

Why not read our short email marketing guide or, better still, reach out to one of our experts for advice.

Content writing trend #4: Video copywriting is the way forward

People spend 4.8 hours per day glued to their smartphones. And despite long-form content enjoying a resurgence, most prefer to engage with video.

Video takes the hard work out of engagement. Instead of having to interpret a complex blog post the reader can sit back and let the presenter tell the story. It’s no small wonder video content converts!

Invest in video and:

  • Increase revenue almost 50% faster than your competitors
  • Tell your brand story in a format anyone can understand
  • Watch your search engine rankings skyrocket
  • Influence and convert even more customers

Learn how to master video content by visiting this short guide we compiled especially for you.

AI content writing tools

Content writing trend #5: Demand for specialist copywriters is growing

In this data-driven world, customers want insight into everything. If your content is anything less than informative prospects will switch off in their droves and find their answers elsewhere.

As experts in your industry surely you’re best poised to write this content? But knowing a topic inside out doesn’t make you a great writer (or marketer for their matter).

Hire a content writing specialist and:

  • You won’t have to manage them – because they’ll understand your sector in-depth 
  • You’ll benefit from their insight too which will improve your search engine rankings and conversions

If you’re on the fence when it comes to hiring specialist writers you’ll find our latest blog extremely helpful.


Understanding emerging 2022 content trends will help you get the edge over competitors, reach more prospects, and boost conversion rates (not to mention ROI).

Naturally, trends come and go. And so it’s important to continually review your strategy to avoid falling behind the times. This can be problematic if you’re not an expert.

Trusting specialists to keep your organisation on-trend makes better sense. That way you can focus on your business – safe in the knowledge your content is relevant, engaging, and converting.

Content marketing that’ll help you grow by reaching the right people in the right places

With a provable track record of using content to improve our customers’ ROI, we’re perfectly positioned to help your business grow. Take the next step by booking your free consultation now.

Copywriting strategies evolve from understanding your audience. What challenges do they face? Where do they hang out online and what content do they prefer to consume? 

Get answers to these questions and you’ll be removing the guesswork from your marketing equation - resulting in targeted copy that’s more likely to resonate.

Copywriting ideas are everywhere. Look at your competitors’ websites and social media feeds. There are plenty of influencers on YouTube and TikTok too - so subscribe to their channels to get copywriting ideas for free.

There’s no such thing as a definitive copywriting style. Only the style that’s right for your business. 


Is your brand:

  • Charmingly old-fashioned and courteous?
  • Sophisticated and reassuringly expensive?
  • Disruptive and cutting edge?
  • Exciting and spirited?

Then your brand needs to reflect this in all aspects of its marketing (not just content). This can be challenging if you’re not marketers - which is why hiring specialists makes sense.

AI copywriting is alive and kicking. Although imperfect it has its uses - allowing smaller businesses to produce content with minimal cost. 

Because it lacks the human touch machine-created copy often lacks context. It can also be riddled with errors that need to be corrected.

So, overall, automated copy has a long way to go. At best it's a method for creating content in bulk for your teams to proof and edit.