Five video creation tips for absolute beginners


Consumers don’t just like video. They positively rave about it. Not convinced? Then here’s a stat that’ll blow your mind. 91% of consumers want brands to create more video content.

That’s why we decided to compile ten video creation tips designed to guide your strategy, deliver better engagement, and boost your ROI too.

Video creation tips designed to give your business the edge

Fuel your creative fire

Starting with a blank canvas is intimidating. That’s why it’s important to seek out inspiration. It’s tempting to scope out your competitors because, let’s face it, they’re the ones trying to nab your prospects from under your nose.

In fact, if you’re looking for great video creation tips, just open up YouTube or TikTok – then make a note of any content that jumps out at you and why.

It could be the…

  • Colour palette
  • Thumbnail
  • Description

…or something else.

Either way, jot down the link and add a few notes to remind you what you liked about it. This will help during the planning stage.

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Get your house in order

Of all the video creation tips mentioned here this one is important. Missing it is a bit like skipping leg day at the gym. So only jump to step three if you want so-so content that’ll get lost in your customers’ feeds.

Planning your video content means paying attention to…

  • Purpose – who are you creating this video for and why?
  • Length – will this be a 30-second reel or a ‘three-minuter?’
  • Objective – what do you want viewers to do at the end?
  • Repurpose – can you reuse existing content to save time?
  • Platforms – which video sharing platforms are you going to use?
  • Frequency – will this be a one-off or part of a series?

how to make a business video

3. Going live or uploading?

Fun fact: Going Live was the name of a long-running TV series hosted by Phillip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher. This sends shivers down our spine for all the wrong reasons – an emotion experienced by even the most seasoned veteran when faced with the prospect of live streaming.

And yet live streaming could work in your favour because it’s an opportunity to connect with your audience naturally. Minus the fireworks and magic that come part and parcel with uploaded video content.

True, you could stumble over your words,

Yes, there could be a technical hitch

But your audience will get to see the real you without any filters and interact with your brand in real time. Isn’t that worth overcoming your stage fright for?

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Brainstorm your idea

Of all our video creation tips this is the most fun. Here you can let your imagination go riot – creating all manner of characters, scenarios, plots and sub plots before settling on an approach.

Presuming your planning was on point you’ll know your audience, the type of video you’re creating, how long it needs to be, and which platforms you’ll be publishing on.

So, this stage is about exploring and rejecting ideas until you have a storyboard you’re happy with. Next it’s time to start working on the content itself.

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Scripting your video

Video is visually-driven. But a poor script could undo your hard work. That’s why it’s important to invest in script development – whether you’re creating a YouTube short, corporate intro, or explainer video.

  • Is your tone of voice authentic or does it sound fake?
  • Is your language accessible or over-inflated?
  • Is your script focussed on one topic or several all at once?
  • Is it clear what action users are expected to take?

If necessary, invest in a copywriter to prevent mistakes like these from happening which, if left unchecked, will harm your engagement and subscribe ratios.

Want more video creation tips? Then let’s talk. Book a free consultation to get started.

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