Five ways to repurpose B2B content

In an ideal world, you’d love to spend more time planning content – finding new ways to surprise and engage with your audience. Rather than limiting your creative output – which will adversely affect your web traffic and ROI – consider repurposing your B2B instead.

Repurposing B2B content is about squeezing every last drop of value from your blogs, videos, case studies and any other visual or textual asset your business owns. And no, it’s not cheating or lazy if well executed.

The benefits of reusing B2B content include…

  • More time – converting a video’s subtitles into a short blog is faster than writing a new one from scratch.
  • Greater reach – repurposing assets for other channels will grow knowledge of your brand.
  • SEO success – more high-quality content will please Google and reward your site with more traffic.
  • Scalability – increased creative output will set your B2B organisation on the path to great growth.

repurposing social content

How to recycle B2B content in five easy steps

#1 Turn your best-performing blogs into podcasts

Converting a superstar blog into a podcast won’t take hours and is sure to be a hit with your audience too. All you need is a webcam, microphone, and a quiet space where you can work interrupted.

To ensure maximum coverage…

  • Submit your podcast to distribution platforms like Buzzsprout
  • Upload the recording to your website
  • Share it on your social media channels


#2 Convert videos into blogs

Don’t limit yourself to podcasts. Why not turn your videos into insightful blogs too. It’s as simple as exporting your subtitles into a text file. That’s about it. Apart from uploading the copy, adding some imagery, and optimising the post for SEO.

This process works in reverse too. So why not identify your top five blogs and convert them into bitesize videos which could be published on TikTok or YouTube – considerably widening your audience.

#3 Combine content into an e-book

If your creative well has run dry why not combine some of your best work into an e-book. This is a great way to repurpose B2B content – because there’s no need to brainstorm new topics.

True, some design work will be needed, but the e-book can be offered as a download in exchange for visitors’ email addresses, so you can remarket your services to them later.

what is an ebook

#4 Compile stats into an infographic

It’s no secret people love numbers. In this data-obsessed digital world social proof is important – be that in the form of a stat or testimonial. Combining supported claims into an eye-catching infographic will help establish your credibility, establishing your website as a go-to source for accurate and up-to-date industry intel.

More returning traffic equates to more leads and conversion opportunities, so you can scale your business and measurably improve ROI too. The benefits of repurposing B2B content cannot be underestimated.

#5 Share great feedback on social channels

Don’t hide glowing feedback on your website. Share it on your social channels too. It takes seconds to do so but could reap long-term rewards in the form of new and profitable customer relationships.

Repurpose B2B content in the form of social proof and expect more web traffic, higher engagement enquiry volumes, and a formidable online presence your rivals will struggle to match.

Market your B2B brand with purpose

Whether time is limited – or you lack the in-house expertise to make your brand heard above all that digital noise – we’d love to help. Book your free consultation with one of our marketing specialists today and let’s talk strategy over a hot brew.

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