8 Free Online Tools Your Business Can’t Afford To Miss In 2022

Luther Vandross was certainly on to something when he said, ‘the best things in life are free’. And we are here to prove exactly that. We’ve put together a list of 8 of the best free online tools to help your business level up in 2022, including everything from graphic design platforms to content management tools. But this is just the tip of the iceberg – where there’s a need, there’s a *free* tool. So be sure to keep an eye out for our next list!  

Now, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

#1 Canva

If you haven’t heard of Canva before, where have you been hiding? Home to thousands of free templates, Canva is the perfect destination for small business owners, schools, charities – essentially anyone looking to create eye-catching assets with little design experience. 

Death by PowerPoint? Thanks to Canva, you can say goodbye to dull decks and hello to perfect presentations. In a hurry? No problem – with Canva you can produce dazzling designs in just a few clicks. Lack of budget? Canva offers a huge range of free tools, templates, images, graphics and animation options. There’s really not much this platform can’t do. 

8 free online tools for businesses

If you want to take your designs that little extra further, you can upgrade to Canva Pro from £8.33 per month. This subscription will give you access to even more tools, templates, elements and features, including magic resize, your very own brand kit and a handy content planner.

#2 Genial.ly

If you are eager to level up your slide decks, create killer graphics or inject a new lease of life into your online guides, Genially is the place for you. With dozens of free templates to choose from, along with an inspiration tab filled with creations from the Genially community, you will be sure to find a solution to suit your needs. Like Canva, Genially offers a range of additional features and templates to users who wish to upgrade their account, with packages starting from just €7.49 per month. 

8 free online tools for businesses

#3 unDraw

Are you looking for stunning open-source illustrations without the price tag? Head over to unDraw. Whether you are creating assets for your socials, looking to spruce up your company brochure or want to add something a bit extra to your blog posts, this free tool offers a range of customisable illustrations that can help any business stand out. Simply head to their website, add your desired HEX code and browse their range of stunning – now on-brand – illustrations. 

8 free online tools for businesses

#4 Photopea

Think of Photopea as Photoshop’s sidekick. If you want access to powerful image editing software without having to splash the cash, this is the free tool for you. Whether you are looking for a speedy solution for simple editing tasks or you are keen to try your hand at the more complex stuff, Photopea’s free online editor makes it easy for anyone to access advanced editing tools at the click of a button. 

8 free online tools for businesses

#5 Airtable

From content and social media calendars to event planning and project management, Airtable enables users to create a range of collaborative workflows to help teams across all industries to meet their goals. With the help of their interface designer, users can create simple summaries for complex workflows. And thanks to their range of app integrations and helpful base templates, teams can streamline their projects at the touch of a button. This free tool offers the ultimate collaborative online workspace. 

#6 Dribbble

Whether you are a novice designer or a seasoned professional, a little inspiration is always helpful. Dribbble is home to some of the world’s best designers and offers users free access to thousands of show-stopping designs. Their ‘inspiration’ tab is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing; from website design and branding to animation and illustration, you’ll find everything you need to spark your next great idea on this free tool. And if a particular designer really takes your breath away, you can hire them at the click of a button. It costs nothing to try, so why not give it a go? 

8 free online tools for businesses

#7 Veed.io 

Veed.io is a platform designed to make video editing accessible to all. And the best part? It’s completely free. Like most platforms, Veed.io does offer a range of premium features to those who opt to pay a monthly subscription. And with prices starting from just £10 per month, it’s an affordable option for those just starting out. With that being said, their free plan offers more than enough for anyone wishing to edit shorter videos like a pro with little experience. 

8 free online tools for businesses

#8 Grammarly 

Grammarly is a tool designed to help users ‘communicate with confidence’. Available as a desktop application, browser extension and mobile device keyboard, the Grammarly free plan offers users access to a range of helpful tools. Whether you want help proofreading an important email, checking the tone of your social copy or removing any unwanted grammatical errors from your website content, Grammarly has all you need (and more!). 

8 free online tools for businesses

If you are looking to accelerate your company’s growth, be sure to get in touch to organise your free consultation with one of our marketing experts. In the meantime, head over to our case studies page to discover how we have helped businesses like yours to reach their full potential.


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