Get Out of the Content Marketing Desert with these Ideas

Content, content, content is all you seem to hear these days when it comes to online marketing. You’re told that you need to create unique and compelling content in order to draw people to your website; we are in the inbound marketing age after all. When you have them there the hope is that they will be so blown away by your guide on ‘how to properly polish your shoes’ that they can’t restrain themselves from sharing your content with their network . We would all love to press a magic button and have this happen but in reality it takes a good deal of planning and a lot of hard work. Content creation can be extremely powerful but very time consuming and one thing that we don’t seem to have enough of these days is time. So, I decided to do some of the thinking for you and come up with some ideas for ways that you can generate awesome content.


Perhaps you have a staff member who is a specialist in your industry, a customer with a compelling business story or maybe your business has won a number of awards? This would all make great interview material. Doing an interview with a person that only you have access to will really give you a unique piece of content. You can then feature it on your site or offer it out to other high quality and relevant sites.


Most people these days will not buy a product without first looking to see what online reviewers say about it. List all the good points, bad points and your general opinion of the product or service. If you can include some pictures of you trialling the product then then even better!

Write from Experience

People love reading about other people’s life and business experiences. Perhaps you or someone you work with has an interesting background in your sector? Write a first person piece and be as honest and open as possible about your hopes, fears, successes and failures. These types of articles are great as they are unique and real which will cause people to make more of a personal connection with you.

Use Current Trends

Think about what is in the news, what’s trending on Twitter and what the latest TV phenomenon is and create content around that. Perhaps you could write a piece on a current affairs story from your businesses perspective, an article about the parallels between zombies and shoe polishing (or whatever it is that you do) or a review of the much anticipated iPhone 5 which was released recently.

These are just 4 simple ideas that you can use to give your content marketing strategy a bit of a boost. It is worth remembering that whatever kind of content you create it must be well done otherwise it kinda defeats the object 😀

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