Get taken back to Schoogle by Google

Clearly Google don’t trust the UK education system to create the marketing stars of tomorrow.

This week they announced, in collaboration with Squared, that they are delivering a series of classes in the Squared offices on Tottenham Court Road.

It’s an intriguing step by Google but actually makes perfect sense. If they intend to continue driving the evolution of the internet, they need advertisers and marketers to be playing their role in developing great content that both educates and entertains while of course enthusiastically feeding the coffers of the search giant.

So will the certificate be treated seriously by prospective employers? Well it certainly will among the kind of employers that you want to be working for. I’ve taken a look at some of the guest speakers and it’s a hell of a line up, including big names from both traditional advertising and the new digital era. In fact I might just put my own name down!


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