Gillette break advertising relationship of more than 80 years

In a digital media world that’s existed for little more than a decade, it’s difficult to imagine anything surviving for the best part of a century, but that’s what was achieved by the folk of BBDO and Gillette. Until now.

Proctor & Gamble announced on Monday that they will be shifting the trophy account across to the Grey Group division of WPP after a seven month review, removing it from long time advertisers BBDO who among their many achievements most notably coined the tagline “The best a man can get”. While BBDO will retain other accounts such as Venus Women’s Razor’s, Gillette was by far the biggest slice of the pie, accounting for nearly $150 million dollars in ad spend in 2012.

It’s a big move by P&G but in a fast moving world with smaller and more agile competitors such as the Dollar Shave Club using the internet as a leveler, there’s little room for being sentimental.