The Gmail Favicon Change – Proving That Everything Google Does Conjures Commotion

I think I noticed it change at around 9.30am. My sub-psyche was trying to work out whether or not I had ever seen the Gmail favicon change when opening an email from a specific contact before. By 11.00am, I gave a cursory glance to the new favicon again, I was yet to study it and identify exactly what it was, still slightly assured that it must be some kind of glitch that would be rectified imminently…

By 12.30pm I was all over the Google forums, instantly realising that I was late to the party and that hundreds of other Gmail users were already debating about whether or not the new favicon was a gear and a spanner or some type of poultry? The time is now 1.15pm and I am frantically trying to jump on the monumental, digital bandwagon that develops every time something changes on Google.

The Gmail favicon is now the same one that is used for Google Admin and is limited to Google Apps accounts. There is also some debate as to whether it is Google Apps accounts with administrative privileges only but I am confident that I am not an admin for our corporate email and I have seen the change too… (obviously)

So whilst not quite as monumental as when Google stopped working for 2 minutes last month, it is always amazing to see the huge effect that Google’s little changes have on our days. Especially working in an SEO agency. A timely reminder that even the smallest of stirrings by such a giant can create a huge effect all around it.

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