Why Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns are a Law Firm’s New Best Friend

Recently, Google Ads launched the new campaign type, Performance Max. Drawing on a regular request from advertisers, Performance Max campaigns allow businesses to access the entire Google Advertising inventory in one campaign. This eliminates one excuse for law firms – time. Thanks to Performance Max campaigns, you can complement traditional search campaigns with other optimised conversion methods across additional Google platforms, including but not limited to Display, Search, Discover, YouTube, Gmail and Maps. This opens up a myriad of possibilities for advertisers to take advantage of previously untapped modes of advertising for their law firm. 

What is Performance Max? 

Performance Max campaigns are especially beneficial for law firms because they allow you to optimise and drive performance based on multiple specified conversion goals. This has several benefits. Firstly, it delivers more conversions at better value. Secondly, it utilises real-time smart bidding across all channels to optimise performance. This is especially beneficial for law firms because so much advertising is driven by CPA and ROAS models. Performance Max ensures that your law firm has the best chance of getting a steady, stable CPA. This in turn helps you create a consistent flow of leads into your law firm. As legal enquiries are often complex and time-consuming, you can manage this flow accordingly to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed. Moreover, the confidence of having a strong lead pipeline helps negate the common risks that law firms use as reasoning to not expand or enhance their services.

SEO Concept for Google Ads Performance MaxWhat are the Benefits of Performance Max Campaigns? 

Performance Max campaigns require minimal intervention from lawyers. There is no complex jargon, or hoops to jump through. All that is required is unique expertise. Your law firm’s goals. Your budget. Conversions you want to measure. Your website. Once this information is provided, Google does the rest. The automated formula will help you find the best potential customers based on your goals. It will serve your most appropriate advert at the best bid at the right time to maximise performance. If you want to provide additional data feeds, audience signals or creatives to further specify your content, you can. 

Performance Max campaigns also benefit from being integrated together. This means that Google can determine the best asset or copy in your inventory to serve at that time. For local residents, it might be a Maps rich snippet. For a YouTube audience researching conveyancing, you could show off your short guide video. For a specialist company looking at patent law, you could serve a whitepaper download. Whereas previously all of these would need to have been separate campaigns, Performance Max serves all options at once. 

Performance Max campaigns are brilliant for law firms because they take advantage of omni-channel marketing. This approach should be standard to all law firms nowadays. It is not enough to be on the high street because so much business is going digital. Furthermore, a strong Google Ads campaign only serves to strengthen your more traditional advertising approaches.

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How can Law Firms use Performance Max Campaigns effectively?

Law firms can benefit most from performance max marketing when the following conditions are met:

  • Your law firm has a clear advertising strategy and knows which conversions you want to focus on. Most often, these will be website or telephone enquiries, or visits to your law firm. 
  • Your law firm wants to take advantage of a variety of different channels to promote your services. Whilst previously being channel-agnostic wasn’t a limiting factor, it can now actually prevent a large amount of your prospective audience from finding you. 
  • You want to access all Google advertising channel options using one single campaign. Previously this was impossible to do!
  • You want to access additional reach that is not possible using standard keyword-based Search campaigns. 

In order to create a Performance Max campaign, legal firms need to create an asset group that includes:

  • Up to 20 images
  • Up to 5 logos
  • Add up to 5 videos
  • Add up to 5 headlines (with a maximum of 30 characters)
  • Add up to 5 long headlines (maximum of 90 characters)
  • One short description up to 60 characters
  • One long description up to maximum 90 characters
  • Add four calls to action to showcase you business or brand
  • One ad-pathway for your display URL
  • One different final URL for mobile optimisation

You can also optionally add audience signals to help guide the machine learning models to help optimise campaigns. Moreover, Performance Max campaigns use rich attribution technology to determine which campaign best represents your law firm to the current consumer at the current time. As these calculations are performed simultaneously using real-time data, it gives lawyers the best probability of getting a call, online form completion, email enquiry or other conversion data. 

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Conversion Rule Values

Further to this, law firms can actually increase their conversion probabilities with Performance Max campaigns by utilising a range of different text, video and image assets. These additional resources help diversify your law company’s marketing mix and make you as attractive as possible to a wide audience. 

If your law firm also wants to prioritise a specific type of campaign or sees more value in a specific conversion action, Performance Max campaigns also account for this. Conversion rule values allow you to adjust your reporting to prioritise certain actions. You can express what is more important and adjust values based on location, device, audience and time. The biggest benefits again are:

  • A better ability to reflect your business data and optimise based on factors like revenue, profit or lifetime value. 
  • An easier management approach that optimises directly with your existing Google Ads infrastructure, with no need for complex coding. 
  • Nuanced real-time analysis using options like target ROAS, maximise conversions and Smart Shopping campaigns. 

Resultantly, you can have much more targeted campaigns that help you complete very specific objectives for the benefit of your law firm. 

If you are looking for help and advice with marketing your law firm, please get in touch with Boss Digital today to see what Google Ads can do for you.

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