Google Releases & Analyses Customer Journey Data

Whether you’re cynical about the motive or not, Google’s never-ending journey to make data more widely available continues to impress. As part of their goal to help small and medium sized businesses understand their customer base, the tech giant has released a report that goes into great – interactive – detail across a broad range of industries in various countries.

The report focuses on the customer’s journey from visitor to purchase and their interaction with the brand leading up to it. Data on marketing channels, including social, email, paid, organic and direct (amongst many others), is used to show their role in a sale. Various patterns are immediately striking, such as the impact of social in the UK travel industry compared to the US, where a customer is 3 times more likely to have a social interaction as the ‘last interaction’ before making a purchase.

The report also details order values and total purchases by “days since first interaction” or the total ‘steps’ (number of interactions). Across all industries analysed, users that made 30 or more online interactions with a business increased the average order value by nearly 50%, further validating the need to develop your website as a brand.

There is a fairly extensive (albeit wonderful designed) amount of information that can be looked at – you can read the full report on the Google blog.

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