Google to move offline in bid to showcase products

Seemingly unsatisfied with only dominating the web, Google are taking a leaf out of Apples book and planning the launch of their first offline retail outlet, according to

The approach taken in-store is expected to be very similar to that of Apple’s; rather than being sales driven, employees will be there first and foremost to educate and answer questions. And you can understand why; Apple’s offline strategy has been hugely successful in not only selling products but also strengthening the brand, and with plans underway to add another 30 stores to the existing 400 this year, Google have got some real catching up to do.

It has been speculated that it was the Google Glass product that led to this decision, with concerns raised during the development phase that customers wouldn’t be prepared to fork out the $500-$1500 without first having a hands-on experience. And while the Google Glass project is at the bleeding edge of the product spectrum, the same principle could be extended to any new physical item. No matter how trusted the brand may be people expect to be able try before they buy, and Google products have proved to be no exception with generally disappointing sales figures for their ever increasing array of gadgets.

This step away from the online may be just what’s required to complete the brand experience and ensure that whatever the product – from a humble Chromebook to a terrifying driverless car – Google is able to demonstrate its innovation in the flesh.


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