Google Rolls out Bigger URLs in UK SERPs

If you’re in the UK, you may have noticed something slightly off about Google’s search results (SERPs) today. After Google ran some tests in their .com engine back in February, the search giant has decided that users are better off viewing larger URLs in the SERPs. While this change may seem incredibly superficial, we would argue that this relatively small change will make a big impact on how users behave and goes further to highlight a couple of more interesting points for marketers:

1. Google is Reinforcing Brands
Now that URLs are more noticeable, we need to think more about how our domain looks to a user. Branded domains and domains that carry trust or perceived trust will be clicked on more. This update means even less value for ‘exact match’, keyword-heavy domains or .infos and other low-trust extensions.

2. Breadcrumb URLs
Breadcrumbs are those little internal navigation links at the top of a page (check the top of this page for an example). Google loves breadcrumbs and if you use them, they will eventually appear in the SERPs. These breadcrumbs keep URLs clean and provide a better explanation as to what the search result will provide.

Marketers take note; this change may have a surprisingly big impact!