Google search is dead. How will this affect your accountancy firm?

‘Google search is dead.’

This proclamation has grown in intensity in past months – driven in part by the advent and expedient success of AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bard. But it’s fair to say mistrust of search engines more generally has been building for some time.

This claim sounds like hyperbole and, indeed, false though. Let’s be honest. We use search engines like Google and Bing everyday. To book flights. To find and buy products or services and much more besides.

If this is true then why are so many people boldly claiming that Google search is dead and how will this affect your marketing strategy?

Let’s dig into the detail and find out why.

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Trends aren’t necessarily trends

Accountancy firms need to ride trends to keep their brands visible and current. Knowing which social platforms are still in vogue – and how your audience uses these tools – is important if you’re to remain competitive.

But we all use search engines

How do you locate trends in audience behaviour? By Googling them and meticulously reading top ranking content to expand your knowledge. Because search engines can always be trusted.

SEO sometimes skews trends 

Visit an accounting forum on Reddit and trending topics discussed will probably vary compared to those found through cursive searches. So can you really trust search engines to give you the full picture?

Perhaps this is why people think Google search is dead. If the results found online contradict the raw data found in forums where users (shorthand in this case for experts) are discussing your industry’s hot topics, trust starts to break down.

This happens because SEO:

  • Isn’t necessarily about what’s happening; it’s about what big name brands want you to find
  • Is a marketing tactic designed to help website’s rank – which means positioning is the top priority

To remain current and keep in step with digital marketing trends your research should be extensive. By all means use Google but verif your findings by using other online resources.

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If Google search is dead all is not lost  – there are other ways to find what you need

Here are just a few ways your accountancy firm can gather the data it needs to make informed marketing decisions and lead the curve.

#1 Get the skinny by getting social

Emerging topics often surface on social media first. So peruse these channels often – and don’t forget to interact with other users to get candid feedback.

#2 Attend webinars and take notes

Webinars are often free. Provided you trust the host (check their online rep first) this is a great way to engage with experts and grow your marketing knowledge.

#3 Join networking groups 

There’s no substitute for talking to real people. Attending networking events – online and offline – is a great way to learn about the challenges your prospective customers are facing.

great reasons to start a podcast

#4 Ask your customers’ directly

Instead of second-guessing your customer’s problems ask them by:

  • Creating a poll on LinkedIn
  • Emailing them a survey
  • Calling them directly

#5 Use forums like Reddit

Forums are worth their weight in gold because people talk candidly about their problems. Whether or not you choose to engage a lot can be learnt simply by watching these conversations.

If Google search is dead all is not lost – because we have the expertise to guide you

Contact us to book your free consultation and let’s talk over a hot brew. We’d love to help your business grow and reach new customers.

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