Gyms: Sculpt a better brand by creating a powerful social media strategy

Great bodies aren’t sculpted by accident. Genetics play a part as does diet. Hard work is important too. But these activities must be organised into a cohesive system if superior results are desired. 

The same applies to social media strategies for gyms. Without a clear plan and vision how can you expect to attract and retain more members? 

If strategy is missing from your social activity read on to understand:

  • Why a social strategy for gyms is important
  • How to schedule your content
  • Which digital tools to use

You’ll attract more customers

And not just any customer. Your kind of customer. Because your social posts will be tailored to their unique needs. 

You’ll probably be targeting different demographics too – which means planning assets and messaging couldn’t be more important.

Considerations might include…

  • Which age group to target – perhaps you’re trying to attract over 55s to participate in classes?
  • Seasonal promotions to increase memberships during quieter periods
  • Themed-posts built around special dates, such as Xmas, Easter or dog walking day

Planning your gym social media strategy will give you breathing space to think things through, rather than posting ad hoc or rushing through an ill-conceived idea that harms your hard-earned reputation. 

You’ll generate more interest

Better-targeted posts will attract your ideal customers. Eventually your audience will  seek out your content – whether that’s to read weekly fitness tips, catch up on news, or take advantage of special offers.

Social media strategies for gyms, when consistently executed, boost brand recognition, generate more leads, and improve engagement. Can you afford not to take more control of your social activity?

Accelerate the buying journey

Planning is more than being diligent. It’s a sign you’re committed to generating great content over a long period of time. This increases the chance of prospects seeing your posts.

Increased brand visibility therefore accelerates the buying journey. It takes 6-8 touchpoints to convert a prospect into a lead, so the more often your brand pops up in their feed the sooner they’ll enquire about membership options.  

How do you create a social media calendar?

A simple spreadsheet will suffice

If your marketing budget is limited a  Google Excel sheet will do the job.  The goods news? It’s free. It also comes with in-built social templates designed to take the stress out of planning.

Creating a bespoke template takes longer though.  Then there’s the issue of limited features. With Excel you can’t manage reviews or compile and organise incoming messages or brand mentions across your channels.

All-in one social media tools for gyms

Social media strategies for gyms vary depending on the brand, its budget, and its aims.  Perhaps you’d prefer a universal tool capable of publishing, analysing, and scheduling everything instead. 

If you have the budget, time, and technical expertise take a look at publishing tools like Sprout Social which can be used by fitness organisations of any size keen to take control of their social media activity.

Ready, steady, go…

Why wait to take control when you can have a team of digital marketing experts at your fingertips instead. Contact us now to book your free consultation and get your gym brand into the best shape of its life.

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