House of SHHHHH! Netflix Saves you from Social Media Spoilers.

If you found yourself single this Valentine’s Day, count yourself lucky. While the unfortunate couples were out in crowded restaurants, you had a clear diary to spend some quality time with Frank Underwood and his various evil schemes. Yes, in a diabolical move, Netflix decided to release the entirety of Season 2 of House of Cards on V-Day, making us regret those reservations we made at that Thai place two months in advance *Kevin Spacey style knowing stare at camera*.

The biggest problem? Social media is a bit of a gossip and tends to let a few details slip. Or sometimes the Actual Worst People on the Internet will just tell you something huge with no mercy or consideration (any Game of Thrones fans who logged into Facebook the day after ‘The Red Wedding’ knows where I’m coming from). It’s been a major annoyance on the internet for quite some time, and even Barack Obama himself begged for no HoC spoilers on Twitter.

Thankfully, a solution has appeared from none other than Netflix itself.


The Netflix Spoiler Foiler is an ingenious Twitter plugin which will block any offending tweets on your timeline that may reveal any information about House of Cards. Tweets containing names of characters and plot keywords are blocked and are replaced with an urgent message telling you not to click the tweet unless you want to be spoiled.

Originally released in a Breaking Bad version to guide viewers through the final few episodes, the spoiler foiler is now being pushed as one of the main aspects of House of Cards’ marketing strategy, suggesting that there will be lots TO spoil (and therefore a juicy, eventful season!).




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